Israeli bulldozer death compensation claim

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fang_Farrier, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  2. Why should they?
  3. Stupid, right-on interfering cow.

    Got flattened by the Yids eh? My GiveAFuckOmeter is registering 0.
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  4. You play with fire, you tend to get burned. It is a shame the young lass died as she did, but she should not have been there, end of story. There is more chance of Anders Breivik apologising for his atrocities than the Israeli Government changing their stance on this one.
  5. St Pancake, I'd forgotten about her. Died upholding the rights of suicide bombers against the only state in the middle east where women have equal rights. How her brain didn't explode with that I'll never know.
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  6. A bad day for human rights? What rights do you have to sit down in front of a very large bulldozer.
  7. The IDF should send the family a £10 bill for cleaning the bulldozer.
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  8. It always puzzles me how left wingers of a certain ilk can justify supporting a bunch of medevail thugs who's grasp of equal rights for women is a choice of colours for burqas and the right place for a gay pride parade is on top of the bonfire against a regime who cheerfully allow female squaddies to instruct male recruits, and gay pride parades.....
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  9. Cough, splutter. There are some jewish sects who have more in common with the mad mullahs than Guardian readers when it comes to women's rights.
  10. As there are christian sects, doesn't mean that their views hold sway. Women have equal rights in law and you can be gay, the people trying to kill you are the ones she was "protecting".
  11. The same rights as if you sit down in front of my car where I can't see you
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  12. It's the reversing back over the dying US citizen bit while IDF supervisors hid in armor nearby that was classy.

    Very foolish to assume that passport will make the IDF any more careful of than it usually is of civilians. Brit and a Irish girl also injured in what local Pals said was a ridiculously dangerous protest. Perhaps not the greatest day for free speech in Israel.
  13. Its a shame such a nice looking wench died the way she did, but hopefully it will serve to show the stupidity of people like her with stupid ideas in their hippy heads and that being a foreigner in such a place doesn't give them some sort of special armour.
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