Israeli assassination operations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 7, 2006.

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    'Senior militants'... Note that ordinary militants are never being killed, only 'senior' ones. Killed children.. nothing new. Who care about them in IDF?

    But what is Israely strategy?

    It is clear that 2, 20 or even 200 killed 'senior' militants are equal to zero from military point of view. Previously namely leaders of HAMAS were main targets. It appears that now IDF fears to kill militants from HAMAS but dream about it. IDF tries to provoke HAMAS.

  2. Unless we are prepared to go and get involved in what is going on in Palestine/Israel, it behoves us to let them get on with things in their own way. If you are not prepared to go into the cage, do not poke the lions with a stick. If we look at our results in finding any militants, never mind senior militants, in Iraq we surely cannot say that our way of doing things is any better. I would suggest that our Soviet friend knows very well from the past history of his country what wholesale murder of innocents achieves and should compare this to targeted attacks on the bad guys, Bystanders will get caught up but much less than in the case of suicide bombs directed by Palestinian extremists
  3. OldRedCap!

    Better refer to tsar Ivan 4th the Terrible. He killed hundreds thousands, there were many wars during his 50 years reign. Once he killed 3/4 of Novgorod (a big city) population. Local river Volkhov was red from blood.

    I expect in this thread suggestions about Israeli military strategy. I suppose that later or sooner HAMAS leaders would be the targets of assassination operations (with or without terror actions made by HAMAS in future).

    So I think that the statement made by Israeli defence minister in strange and careless. It bounds Israelis. If HAMAS is a terrorist organisation then why it can't be hit just now?
  4. What do you mean "if", Hamas are a terrorist organisation.

    The palestinian people have shown what utter scum they are by voting a bunch of murderers into power.

    Palestine should be turned to glass now and rid the world once and for all of the filth that target and murder innocent women and children by CHOICE.
  5. So you favour the Final Solution then ? Old Adolf would cack himself laughing at the thought, his gift to the world is turning the Jewish state into a reflection of himself. Try thinking before you recommend genocide as a course of action.
  6. Wipe Hamas out completley I say.
  7. If only it were that simple. Hamas enjoys the support of the majority of Palestinians. Even if by some masterstroke of intelligence and operational super-efficency, it was possible to wipe out Hamas overnight, they would soon rise from the ashes.
    The only realistic solution will be a political one, but dont bother holding your breath.
  8. Olongapo!

    I meant: as Israel regards HAMAS as a terrorist organisation then why it can't be hit just now?

    As to former terrorists as political figures then it is not something special. Look at NI. Btw, former Israeli PM mr.Begin was one of leaders of Irgun - well-known terrorist organisation. And mr.Sharon ordeded (in 60's) to blow up houses with innocent civilians (dozens were killed).
  9. We have one side wanting to force Israelis into the sea. The Jews do not wish to go through further ethnic cleansing. With these entrenched views, there can be no negotiation. How can you force them a little way into the sea? All the while any Arab country espouses the total annilhation of Jews, there will be a need to control things by taking-out the hotheads. No point in just counting the dead suicide bombers as solving the problem. I do agree that extremist Jews, whom for ease of reference I think of as Zionists, are also trouble makers and need attention to stop them stirring things up.
  10. I guess Israel could just send in Russians to humanely arrest these terrorists ... hang on wouldn't the Russians just level the entire town/city?
  11. So one side made ethnic cleasing and only another side is guilty?

    There was a similar situation in Bosnia. The West understood that any 'negotiations' would be fruitless and Borders were drawn. All sides were forced to peace.

    With this I agree of course.
  12. Neither side is innocent of that charge, 750,000 arabs left what is now Israel in 1948, 800,000 Jews left various middle east and north african countries because of fear of persecution or thrown out by their respective Govt's.

    Europeans had interests in the region, stopping refugee immigrants from flooding EU nations was one of them, however there is no will nor interests involved in Palestine/Israel so you wont see any armed intervention there. That and the chances are that any EU attempt at armed intervention could very well result in a bloody nose for the various european military forces.

    The settlements that the palestinians do not agree to will have to go (that is to say 99.9% if not all) and the border stabalised and fixed with any land taken by Israel or Palestine compensated for by land elsewhere or financial agreements agreed on by both sides.

    Next logical step would be to form a single military and police force, patrols in the palestinian state to be joint, monitored by 3rd party forces who have ROE's to engage hostiles as deemed necessary by the officer on the ground. A single joint border guard to be formed to control the Confederate borders, a single secular constitution that guarentees religious freedoms to both sides to be agreed on and ensures equality in law to both sides within limits of immigration and settlement agreed on by the Israeli and Palestinian state Govt's. For education on both sides to be cleaned of anti-semetic or anti-arab propaganda. Economic agreements and reperations to be made by Israel, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Syria, Jordan and Egypt to clean up the mess left behind by their squabbles over the past 50 years.

    I have a dream ... and no it doesn't cover naive absurdities such as an independant palestinian state.
  13. KGBR - I suggest you look at the recent and historic actions of your own country before you start commenting about the moral values held within Israel and the IDF. You seem to have a fondness for starting threads to 'needle' Israel. Do you have the same fondness for anti-Zionism (or should I say anti-Semitism - but we cannot call it that) as many of your fellow countrymen have had historically?
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Blimey - Arik's handlers have let him loose again...lechayim sport ! Hope the Shin Bet prosper ?

    I often wonder what people's motivation is for posting a Sabra yours is pretty straight forward I guess...Israel right or wrong.

    Can't work young Sergey out.....if he's employed by the FSB to lower British Army morale - he ain't winning....hope the pay is worth the aggro.... I think he ,in common with a lot of people on the board, likes to post what he believes to be 'provocative' views.

    Don't think he has an anti-Semite focus, despite historic background in Ukraine/Siberia.....criticizing the Israeli government du jour is not the same thing as wanting to extirpate Judaism from the face of the planet.

    Mate, saying " Ariel Sharon should be tried for war-crimes" does NOT mean the speaker necessarily likes dark shirts and shiny boots.......

    Lee Shaver
  15. I agree, however, KGBR tends to bring out all the negatives, never the positives, and there are plenty of those.

    You should not assume that I am a Sabra, although I am known to have the same characteristics :!: