Israeli army used human shields

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Mar 8, 2007.

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  5. Utter rubbish and even it it were true, I don't give a toss.

    I've seen the newsreel of this on the TV it looked like they were acting as guides for the IDF.

    Blowing yourself up in a market is against International law but that doesn't stop muslim terror scum from doing it.

    edited to add the word up.......
  6. Thank you for interesting comments. However the problem exists. And it is a very serious one.

    So IDF (in theory a law-abiding, the most human army in the World) openly violates international law, the ruling of a High Court of Justice. Moreover, the minister of defense thinks that usage of human shields is absolutely lawfull.
  7. You'd think that the Israeli human rights group, B'tselem would spend more time looking into the human rights of those Israeli's murdered and those injured by the muslim terrorist scum instead of making up lies in suport of these terrorist filth.
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  9. Sorry its not true, have you tried to carry a rifle in one hand whilst holding a 15 year old lad in the other??
  10. Exactly, Betzelem never tend to dwell on those sort of things - it is unfashionable!!

    A 15 year old 'human shield' is not much in the way of personal protection, usually too short and not enough body mass!! If they trip a device at close range you dont stand much of a chance I reckon!!

    As ever KGBR your search in articles is on track!!
  11. Hi Arik!

    The purpose of a human shield is not to be a body armour. An enemy whould fear to kill a person (especially a child) who walks in front of a soldier or a terrorist. I hope you agree that terrorists frequently use human shields.

    This method is well known and is being used during centuries. But in 21st century is absolutely unacceptable. It is banned by international legislation and (in Israel) by the rulling of the High Court of Justice.

    So we come to another question. Suppose that a High Court in a democratic country decides something. Then should anybody (including army) obey the ruling?

    Arik, forget for a moment the whole discussion, human shields and try to answer my, in fact abstract, question. I know you as a highly intelligent person. So your answer would be undoubtly - YES.
  12. Just watching it on the news now. My arrse are those bullet holes in that hoody... Look more like guides to me too
  13. Let's read The Daily Telegraph

  14. We should try the same, using chavs. They would make excellent searchers for car bombs they can break into houses and steal without conscience ( i's p't uv dur cu'tur' ini't) The israelis seem to have the problem in hand.
  15. Since when have muslim terrorist filth ever worried about who they kill ?