Israeli Army stolen car racket


According to the Israeli police, 25,000 cars are stolen every year in Israel, and most end up in Nablus. The stolen cars are easy to identify on the streets because they have an easily detectable imitation of a Palestinian Authority licence plate. They make up perhaps one in every three of the cars in Nablus.

Many people believe that the traffic in stolen cars could not happen without the connivance of the Israeli army.

"You cannot bring a box into Nablus without it being checked yet it seems easy to bring in a convoy of cars. It is obvious that the Israeli army has something to do with it."

A new Mercedes taxi costs about £18,000 but a stolen car can be bought for about £1,500.

One member of the gang that imports stolen cars told the Voice of An Najar that the cars are stolen in Israel by Israeli gangs and driven into the West Bank, to Qalqiliya, Tulkarem or Jenin, which are just across the border from Israel. They are then driven to Nablus by members of the Israeli gangs or by soldiers, who are paid as much as £60 for delivery.

He said that his gang had an agreement with Israeli gangs who provide the cars in return for a share of the profits. His group receives between 10 and 12 cars a day.

The Israeli gangs pay soldiers to ease the transport of the stolen cars.

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Well,in the old days the Israelis put GPS tracking devices in the headrests of some of these,which were 'sold' to targets in the West Bank,and helicopters were then able to rocket them at night.Ouch....

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