Israeli anti-wheelchair missile

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fuchs66, Mar 22, 2004.

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  1. When have the Israelis ever been concerned about the PR front?

    You have to admire their singleminded approach and willingness to take difficult decisions and then to execute them. Pity we don't sometimes have more of that kind of leadership.
  2. Poor man! In a wheel chair!?

    Then maybe we shouldn't be so squeamish about tackling Abu Hamza. He's only got a sore hand.

    In that BBC photo, are Yassin's remains being swept up with a dustpan and brush?

    I hope the wheel chair can be repaired. :twisted:
  3. Absolutely, although helicoptor gunships on the streets of the UK to take out terrorists isnt quite the way ahead.

    I expect all Israel has done is line itself up for a massive response from Hamas - and they wont kill an individual.
  4. :twisted: I've been thinking about this story ever since I posted the link and every time I imagine the events it gets more and more like a MontyPython sketch (I think I've been working too long) :)
  5. boney m wrote,

    No doubt. And no doubt the carnage created on Israel's streets by the reprisal from Hamas etc. will not receive the same levels of condemnation and sympathy that terrorists victims of IDF operations get from the great and the good.

    "Militants blew up a bus full of obstacles to peace, machine gunned a kibbutz...but you can understand their frustration....."

    (I notice Yassin is also referred to as a 'cleric'. )

    Derek Hatton was a militant. The Pope is a cleric. These fcukers are terrorists.
  6. I've said in a previous post that despite my support and admiration for the way the Israelis don't faff about, I do cringe when, during a riot or fight between the IDF and armed Palestinian 'militants', a Palestinian kid gets killed on the way to school or some old biddy gets topped while hanging up her dhobying.

    There was a recent gun battle in (I think) Gaza where IDF infantry, with armoured support took on armed 'militants'. TV cameras were in amongst it, and filmed kids and I mean kids, running gleefully from contact to contact, hanging about the Palestinian gunmen. I don't know if such scenes were just new to me ( Orla and colleagues have more bottle than before?), but I'm more cynical now.

    Here was me thinking that the Israelis had developed a 'ten year old seeking bullet'

    I blame the parents. :wink:
  7. Not much change from a Hellfire missile then, if you can sweep it up in a dust pan & brush! Even if he did look like Christopher Lee as Sauromon in Lord of the Rings.....

    Brave decision from the Isreali's, hope they're prepared for an almighty backlash....imagine if Hamas got hold of chemical weapons...scary thought, but hold it for a moment. Inevitable? If these people really don't worry about meeting their god, then why should they choose about their method of transport to martyrdom.

    May be Nostradamus was right... the world will end with a war that starts in the East!
  8. what did the missile lock on to? cant be much of a heat signature coming off a wheelchair no matter how fast he was going!!
    (unless it had a 'Jim'll Fix it' type cigar lighter in the handrest)
  9. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Would have been cheaper to have pushed the fcuker down some stairs its not like he could run away. :lol:
  10. "Militants blew up a bus full of obstacles to peace, machine gunned a kibbutz...but you can understand their frustration....."

    These words could come straight from the (pillar box) mouth of the Blair Witch!

    Perhaps the Israelis feel they have more latitude because of the Iraq invasion and the "war on terror". Just like the Russkies in Chechnya.
  11. In quoting Seadog, MrPVRd wrote,

    That's why I used them.

    The great and the good ( of which Cherie is i/c ) buy into the terrorists victimology. It doesn't matter who the terrorist is, the State is nasty for bringing the big stick to bear, the terrorist is a victim, and we in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, London, Manchester, Madrid, Bali, Istanbul, somehow deserve to be murdered. Bollox.

    Regret I've no link but Damon Albarn ( a pop star with an opinion and therefore 'great and good') was on the radio this weekend banging on about winning the hearts and minds of terrorists. 8O

    Run that one past me again.
  12. terrorist simply cannot be reasoned with so kill them before they kill you.
    but i personally wouldnt have used a missile , too expensive and too public, better to kidnap him and push him into a canal or river and blame on an "accident" that way the IDF could have got away with it :wink:

    imagine it now Gerry Adam found dead in the Liffy with excess alcohol in his blood and who is the wiser ?
  13. :roll:
    Vespa are you actually being serious!! These guys dont just nip out on their own for a carton of milk! :|
  14. I can BAe working on a new line in anti missle protection systems for wheelchairs as we speak.

    Lock on detection, flares, and who knows, how about a stealth chair to lower the radar signature.

    "No quadraplegic terrorist should be without one"