Israeli anti rpg forcefield

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Ohhh Yeah, your gonna get now! (quickly checks its not still 01/04/06)
  3. having problems with the link but didn't the MOD fit something similar to a warrior, shot the shiite out of it with rpg's and then drove the warrior away. Its not the enterprise and the shields cannie take it captain ... but its getting there.
  4. Why do I get the feeling that some MoD apparatchik is going to read Brown's comments and take the message away that the electrified layers need only 13 amps to be put through them? After all, it would save on electricity costs...
  5. Nice and all that but if the Rooshians have it NOW , well how far behind are the UK boffins?

    They have the working Shtora-1 and 2 and 3 are on the way.
  6. I'm most likely wrong but isn't Shtora a system where it emits IR which looks like the Missile engine flare used by SACLOS systems to guide ATGM's into their target, causing the guidance system to become confused and the missile to go off guidance?
  7. One of the systems jams the guidance system the others are more active firing projectiles at the inbound missle .Which what this system
    sounds to be .Typical journalist hyperbole force field bollocks is it !
  8. If you can electrify the outer skin of an AFV, what happens to the Bill Oddie taking cover round the other side if he touches it?

    Mind you, it might stop assorted foreigners clambering on top of WARRIOR next time there is a street riot.
  9. Nah, wouldn't be allowed to use it like that - it'd be against the little darlings human rights.....................

    Or some such pap.
  10. I have genuinely never heard such nonsense in my life, electrical defences may be all the rage with the ladies on the Haymarket but have no place on the modern battlefield. Jonnie Abdullah with his so called RPG’s is no match for a solid line of British Infantry steadily advancing in line.
  11. At the risk of being WAH'd, you cover the electrified layer in an insulator (plastic or something). The RPG goes straight through that and hits the electrified layer, when it is blown apart.
  12. It is actually covered in a layer of material containing fibre optic cable; this then triggers the capacitors in that area to discharge when the light is interrupted. I've read stuff on the net about tank commanders switching on the current when they feel under threat; mince-it has to be fail-safe.