Discussion in 'Travel' started by Lancialfa, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. Safe/ Or not safe for travel....

    Any one been recently, anything that you would recommend seeing?

    Happy New Year!
  2. Safe in the tourist areas for sure, good visible security. Many places to see, feel free to PM if you want to know about any places specifically.
  3. Yes well worth it.

    Tel Aviv is fantastic, friendly and great nightlife.

    Jerusalem is a must. Wailing wall and Dome of the Rock are the most common places to see, stay on the tourist trails. Don't bother with Bethlehem or anywhere in the zone, but if you must, only do a guided tour.

    Masada was superb, en gedi and the dead sea was OK.

    Give Eilat a miss, its nosh.

    The women are fit though.
  4. I'd really like to go, may plan on going over Easter. It's not on any of the Army's lists where I need to inform them of my intention to travel there though, is it?
  5. This was my next question......
  6. I go monthly, if you like military history then a trip up to the Golan Heights is worth it, especially to see the Valley Of Tears where the remnants of a huge Syrian defeat still sit. There is a decent winery up there and it's on the way.

    The nightlife is great and to caveat what ViVictaVis said..women under 30 are generally very fit, the sun dries them out after that.

    Don't forget to bob about in the dead sea for a while.
  7. I'm not aware that you have to info anyone when going as a tourist, even as a mil bod. You don't need visas either.
  8. Nazareth is a a bit of a sh1t-hole but worth a visit if you fancy a bit of Bible-tourism and would like to see a safe Arab town. Haifa is good for a night out and has a bit more of a relaxed feel to it than a lot of places in Israel. Jerusalem is simply unmissable.