Israel warns of Gaza holocaust

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 29, 2008.

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  2. If some bunch of terrorists were firing rockets into someone's country,then that country has every right to retaliate.

    Hamas are NOT interested in peace.Period.
  3. Isreal does have a right to defend themselves from this but at the same time they have probably ruined any chances of support from other countries by using the word 'holocaust'.
    Ive always been more sympathetic towards Isreal but sometimes they really shot themselves in the foot when comments like this are public.
  4. The PR machine isnt the best unfortunately.

    However, events on the ground seem to be drawing to a climax with the higher volume (then usual) of outgoing of rockets from Gaza since January '08.
  5. The sooner Gaza gets turned into glass the better all round.
  6. another pointless event thats going to cause a huge headache for us all
  7. The only people who are getting a headache out of any of this are the residents of the Israel's western Negev and the residents of Gaza from rocket fire & counter fire! The worst you will have to suffer is reading about it on the web or headlines in the newspapers.
  8. A country can only take so much provocation before they are forced to respond. If the Israeli's go into Gaza they have to be thorough and destroy Hamas or else they will be invading again in a year or so.
  9. He's right you know,

    the 'Izza-rayeelees' as the Palestinians put it have tolerated shome sh:t before reacting militarily. I get the impression the Israeli Govt is becoming more sensitive to public opinion, whereas Hamas.....Er.....well dont really give a sh:t to be honest.
  10. I know Gazza is a bit of a twat but he has serious mental health issues, which is no reason for the IDF to have a go at him as well