Israel tries children in military court

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pp0470, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Btselem raps Israel for jailing Palestinian children

    Israel conditioning its future enemies.

    I wonder why this people have spent 4000 years been persecuted? Oh yes, because they are cunts!

    Oh well, history says they will be moved along soon :))
  2. If it were me I would'nt bother jailing them. I'd hang them and put their bodies up on display as a warning to all other Palestinian children who dare to attack Israeli soldiers.
  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Yes but you have to take special medicine and have your own case worker so what you think isn't that important.
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  4. And for every Palestinian child you executed you would create 10,000 or 100,000 vehement enemies of the Israeli state. Smart.
  5. Nothing a Nuclear bomb could'nt sort out
  6. With this kind of thing going on, the Palestinians must wonder if they've got anything left to lose.
  7. Jailed for throwing stones? Talk about a knee jerk over-reaction on part of the Israeli military. Sort of contradicts their tuff guy image.

    Aw, did the nasty kiddies hurt the big macho soldier's with their ickle stones?

    As I recall, on Op Banner, stones were often thrown at patrolling squaddies by snot nosed kids. I don't recall mass round up's and imprisonments, despite the fact the some of the little barstewards deserved it.
  8. Where would you bomb? A Norwegian Island full of children?

    One of the aims of the Norwegian Labour Youth League Camp was to promot the Boycott of Israeli Goods & Produce
  9. If you're going to try kids anywhere, I would suggest that a courtroom is the last place on earth to do so.
  10. You realize Britain has a history of the same thing and even going as far as capital punishment as young as 7(Michael Hammond) and 11 (Ann Hammond) and sending children under 14 to Australia?

    If I'm using your logic should you not be hated as well for being cunts?

    Oh forgot PPd sees the Joooos everywhere
  11. Please before posting anymore posts can you take a GCSE in English Language - concentrating on punctuation?

    Could not is abbreviated as "couldn't" not "could'nt"! Incorrect punctuation really sets off my OCD.

    Oh, and nuking everyone won't solve anything - just cause lots of dead and dying people, as well as polluting the environment. Anyone who talks so blithely of dropping nuclear bombs is deluded. I remember talking that way myself - just nuke the barstewards, it'll sort out all our problems. Then one day I saw a programme on the history channel about the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The images still haunt me. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
  12. I would bomb Palestine, and after I bombed Palestine I would bomb it again, just to make sure the first bomb did'nt miss anything.
  13. The relevant word in your post above is "history". Those things happened over a hundred years ago, when society had different morals and values. The Israeli military is doing this now - in the 21st century.

    All countries have periods of history that they're not proud of, but you can't judge them on how they used to behave.

    I remember learning about the American West as a child. The actions of the US Army were in some instances reprehensible, including massacre's of whole tribes of Indian's - including the children. Does that mean I should judge the USA solely on the basis of these incidents and conveniently forget any actions since that have been for the benefit of people?
  14. And destroy Israel at the same time? The 2 nations do occupy the same land.

    You're on a roll tonight Pete!
  15. Your boy PPd brought up History with the 4000 year persecution and it doesnt change the fact that not even evil Israel hanged a 7 year old, it took Mother England to do that. By the way it was 1908 before you stopped charging children in adult courts. You like to bring up how Britain has a Longer history than most other nations. Just think of Israels conduct as the same as yours and will likely evolve past this stage.

    The US treatment of Native Americans and Blacks? Yep Absolutely vile and reprehensible, just like the treatment of Indians, Burmese, Africans, Aborignes, Irish, Chinese, etc. problem is you guys act like your shit doesnt smell when you taught us how to treat the brown skinned like chattel. Smallpox blankets? British. Scalps? British, fired from the mouth of a cannon? British. We have Wounded Knee, you have Jallianwalah Bagh. We have Custer you have Dyer and it can go on and on for days this way.

    PPd made the mistake of opening this thread in hopes of gathering in his fellow British posters who have the same mind of hatred of Israel while ignoring their own lands peccadillos. You in a fit of nationalistic small penis syndrome decided to in the usual schoolyard way attempt to flame with the Native Americans rather then explain to your fellow that your nation has done the same and worse. Something about glasshouses and rocks directed towards your boy would have been better.