Israel to bomb Iran say Frogs.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. I'd prefer the story to read 'Israel to bomb Frogs says Iran', but that's just me...!
  2. Isreal to bomb Iran. Headline crops up about every 2 weeks with minor variation. Why is it more interesting this time than the last 100 versions?

    Can't you see how the spin merchants are deliberately brainwashing you into believing that there is a sense of inevitability to this? And you have fallen for it!!!!!
  3. But it was in the newspaper,so it must be true.Musn't it?
  4. No less so than the story 2 weeks ago that Iran had squirreled away 60 tonnes of enriched uranium and were about to be bombed...

    Same paper, same source... Telegraph reporters in Jerusalem!!!

    Starting to see a pattern?
  5. Olmert has been saying an IAF strike against Iran would be sheer megalomania.

    He has a point; the IAF isn't the USAF and Natanz isn't Osirak. Short of going nuclear Israel has only limited ability to retard the Mullah's distant well protected program. The risks to DC's fragile Iraq project and Kingship oil production are real enough to deter the much more capable Pentagon from striking themselves. Israel might risk alienating DC if it went in alone.

    It's interesting to see the way the installation of a new US radar system in Israel was being read there. From Haaretz:
  6. With such "news" in the media is it any wonder if Iran wants to produce nuclear bomb as soon as?

    What is it about Telegraph Journalists in the ME Are they the last remnants of the Hollinger era?

    Other relevant developments not mentioned by the Telegraph "It's gonna rain on Tehran soon, oh yes indeedy" team.

  8. Meanwhile

    With S-300 sold to Iran and deployed here, capabilities of Israel to strike would be seriously undermined. So Israel must decide: bomb Iran now or never... Or to negotiate with Moscow.
  9. Was'nt there a "story" a few weeks back about a European country pulling their Spooks out of the area because Iran was about to be bombed?

    File under "believe it when you see it." :roll:
  10. The whole story missed the important fact in the did they didn’t they, could they couldn’t they, the most vital part of the French statement was the fact that they would immediately surrender in the best tradition of the French people. Viva La Republic is French for we give up.