Israel shoots down an unknown drone.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. tuffy52

    tuffy52 LE

  2. Rawhide

    Rawhide LE

    Kids, you can fly them via iPhone and the result, a scrambled F-16, better than 'knock a door run' we used play when kids!
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  3. I'd imagine the drone to be of a decent size if they decided to shoot it down with jets rather than air-to-ground. There are quite a few states and non-government actors capable of launching drones from ships so there's a narrow field although not exactly a smoking gun.

    Hell, it might even be the Yanks looking to find out if they're being told the God's Honest. Satellites are a bit obvious and far too easily trackable for deniable surveillance after all.
  4. SUU23

    SUU23 LE

    So then, the RSP's are going to 'do' Iran next week. :wink:
  5. syledis

    syledis Guest

    Unknown drone?

    Are you sure it wasnt Tropper on a commercial flight telling war stories to the passenger in the next seat?
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  6. Didn't Iran claim recently to have their own drones?
  7. Mr_Tigger

    Mr_Tigger Guest

    The drone launched from Lebanon. It then flew in international airspace over the med before turning east over the Gaza Strip to disguise its provenance. It was being tracked from launch but only shot down when it got over a largely uninhabited forest for obvious reasons.
  8. Scorpio46

    Scorpio46 Old-Salt

    Could it be the Turks keeping an eye on what the Syrians are up to? Nowadays it could be anyone as the technology for the simplest of applications is relatively available, I mean even the local plod around our way are using drones for surveillance duties.
  9. Mr_Tigger

    Mr_Tigger Guest

    Well it launched and flew away from Syria the whole time so I would guess not.
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  10. The ones Hezbollah have deployed of late were supposedly sourced to Iran, but how much of that is spin I couldn't say. The Iranians are certainly technically proficient enough to field them and I can't see any reason why they wouldn't give HB the fruits.
  11. Hezbollah have launched drones in the past - not very good mind.
  12. Mr_Tigger

    Mr_Tigger Guest

  13. Arik

    Arik LE

    As I understand it from here, a military response was an option being weighed up by the govt / General Staff.
  14. A bit late for that. They shot it down! I'd call that a military response dont you think?