Israel sends a message

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 4, 2006.

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    What is the idea of this strike? Mr.Olmert understands that Palestinians will never agree wuth his solution of the conflict. And it appears that Palestinians would use mainly peaceful, diplomatic methods. At least Hamas stopped military actions a year ago. As Hamas will establish its full control then likely even Qassams would not be fired later or sooner.

    Israel is much stronger on a military battlefield but positions of Palestinians are preferable on a diplomatic front. So mr.Olmert needs a war and probably tries to provoke terror act(s).
  2. KGBR - I think the BBC article makes mention of it, but this would of possibly been a response to the Kassams fired into Israel (5 today near Ashkelon). What other means would you suggest?? Perhaps a letter of complaint by registered post??
  3. KGB-R, the Palestinians and Israelis are as bad as each other, don't blame one side only.
  4. Israel has and always will be shown in the worst light by what is a largely anti-semetic western media. The Jews have been persecuted from the dawn of time and unfortunately it will continue due to the "religious" differences in the area. I'm a supporter of israel HOWEVER i don't condone all they do but i feel they are very badly represented in the media and quite unfairly too.
  5. What do you mean by a supporter of Israel? If you mean the right to exist and manage to do so without having your citizens blown up by terrorists then so am I. However, I am not a supporter of unilateral action like the building of a barrier in Palestinian land. Want a fence? Build it on your own land. Many of the farmers that had thier olive groves ripped up have lost their livelihood and are now resentful. Frankly so would I be. Unemployment is a great recruiter for terrorists.

    Do I think that terrorists should be dealt with? Yes. Do I think that they should be blown up without trial, or held without trial? No. This is not anti semitic...I take the same line over Guantanamo Bay etc.

    The palestinians are far from saints but Israel in my view is also hardly perfect. As another poster said. They are as bad as each other.

    It does seem this action will incite Hammas back to old ways.....I hope Hammas avoids the trap and that we can see progress with the peace process.
  6. Postie, please note in my previous post i made a point of saying i don't condone all the things Israel have done. I also feel the amount of land they were given BY THE U.K. was scandalous. The govt. at that time completely screwed the Jewish people over by not honouring the previous agreement. As for the wall, I cant really blame a country the size of wales (roughly) surrounded by neighbours who want to see it's extermination, going to such extremes.
    As for inciting violence the jews moved BACK to THEIR land and were promptly attacked by every arab in the local vicinity. The first war the had to endure.
    Again i'm not saying israel are completely blameless and some of their actions are inhumane and evil, i just feel they are always shown to be the "bad" guys when they are the one's trying to keep an existance. Remember if Israel ever loses a war, which they wont, they'll be exterminated and smashed off the map.

    A brief explanation of the forming of Israel.
  7. Semite is a racial term such as polynesian, caucacian, etc. Arabs are semites. So, Foitin Irish,pray tell, how can the press villifying Israel be anti Semite if they are banging a pro-Arab drum? The may well be anti-Zionist which term holds no racial overtones.
  8. Yes - exactly. And furthermore, beware the Israelis and their apologists. They tend to yell anti-semitism when an outraged world is rightly disgusted by extreme Zionist atrocities - which are moreover Fascistic. There's a distinction and don't let them get away with muddying the water.
  9. Arik!

    Retaliation? But what is the target? Abbas' headquaters? And what does this message mean? Abbas is almost a political cadaver and turning him into real cadaver would be a priceless gift to Hamas. Only imagine that mr.Abbas would like to get fresh air and walk in the place of the strike. Had possible political damage been calculated before the strike?