Israel says Gaza war necessary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spent_case, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Linky

    If you walked into a boozer and kept poking someone in the eye, slapped his missus and then kept kicking his dog. You might well expect him to kick the shite out of you.

    I'm sure the BBC would then report what a bully and a bounder the chap that hit you was and that his kicking your teeth in was completely over the top. They would of course not report any of the incidents of you poking - kicking etc.

    Job done by Israel.
  2. Standard proceedure from the Gaurdianistas at the BBC.

    If Call me Dave is reading this,how about breaking up then privatising the BBC?.

    BBC-dissimilating Marxist propaganda disguised as news since the 1960s.
  3. So it's OK to kill over 1,000 women and children, leave half a million people without running water, destroy over 4,000 homes because someone fired a few home made rockets at you that hardly killed anyone?

    Great logic and Israel wonders why most of the civilized world and all of the Middle East now hates it.
  4. Might have something to do with 6 Million of you wiped out a few years back. Once bitten and all that. They have the right to defend themselves and do it with an Iron fist.
  5. Were they wiped out by Palestinians? And how many of the people in Israel were alive at that time?
    The Nazis killed homosexuals and gypsies en masse, too. Should they also be allowed free rein to be beligerent cunts.
    If the Israelis have the right to defend themselves and do it with an iron fist, I assume you have no problem with Palestinians doing the same.
  6. 'Defend themselves with an Iron Fist'?

    The ONLY difference between the Warsaw Ghetto in 1944 and the Gaza Strip in 2008 was the markings on the sides of the tanks.

    Israel has become what it was born out of. They learned nothing during WWII only to be vicious thugs that have killed infinately more Arabs than Arabs have killed Jews. They have turned the Gaza Strip into the worlds biggest Concentration Camp and the West Bank isn't much better and the occupants are treated worse than shit and killed at will.

    Still, after decades of acting like murderous thugs killing innocent civilains at will, it was one hell of a culture shock for them in 2006 when Hizbullah kicked their arses for them and sent them home with their tails between their leags. I notice they've left Lebanon alone now, may they can learn?
  7. When the rockets were being fired should they just stand by and take it? Or wait for them to become more capable and aggresive in their tactics.

    Maybe operation cast lead wasn't handled in the best way but you can't nock the reason for doin it!

  8. OFF! The Kassam is a glorified fvcking firework! Maybe 1 in 100 landed anywhere near anything and rarely killed anyone. By your logic we should have flattend Dublin everytime the IRA chucked a mortar over the border at a post.

    So what should the Palestinians do everytime the IDF carries out one of it's routine 'surgical strikes' that kills a suspected HAMAS member with a Hellfire into his car even when it's in the middle of a busy market and a dozen innocent women and children nearby get killed and a hundred injured?
  9. Now don't get all emotional.

    It's too bad for the Palestinians their representatives care more about themselves than about their own people. Lots of money has been pumped into the territories and nowt came out.

    May be you care to explain why under Arafat several intelligence services were set up to spy on his own people? I know, it's very unfashionable in the Arab world to use donor money on developing their agricultural, educational or health care system.

    Not to mention they disrupted the territories themselves by fighting their own brothers.
  10. They had a try in 1967, didn't they? The territory taken was spoils of war - a war the Arabs started, lest we forget.

  11. Uh no!

    The IDF very definately kicked off the Six Day War.
  12. Touchy!

    I did say I didn’t agree with their methods. However the reasons for it are sound. Try telling that to the people who the rockets are being fired at that they should wait for some better ones to be used.
  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I didn't know about the West Africa idea, do you have any links? I do know that both the Zionists and the Nazis put serious consideration in depostiting the Jews in Madagascar.

    Also, Suriname was later opted as a potential homeland.
  15. It helps if you get your facts right. Hamas weren't firing rockets until Israel broke the ceasefire by killing six Palestinians and continuing the blockade. And, before you throw any more wibble out, irrefutable evidence.