Israel rejects Baker report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Dec 9, 2006.

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    I seem to recall before the Iraq war we were told by the Israelis that removing Saddam would actually help towards the cause of Arab-Israeli peace. The road to Jerusalem goes through Baghdad and all of that.

    Baker concludes in his report that in fact resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict is essential toward resolving Iraq...and the Israelis have now rejected any linkage whatsoever!

    So which is it then?

    Does the road to Jerusalem go through Baghdad or vice versa?

    What a farce.
  2. Anything that holds them to account they are opposed to, they only follow international Law when it is in their best interest.

    The Arab - Israeli conflict has done more to destabalise the world than Iraq and until such time as that is resolved you are going to continue to have Arabs fighting the Allies of Israel who they percieve of supporting the masacre of innocent Arabs.
  3. Taz - Iraq is a mess because of a lack of preparation of the aftermath of invasion by Coalition forces, not due as much to the invasion itself. Iraq continues to be a quagmire because of the Iraqis themselves. Iraq will 'resolve itself' when the Iraqis resolve not to kill each other, not for any other reason.
  4. Yes - it is clearly the Iraqis' fault for not being grateful enough for being invaded.

    Will the Israel/Palestine conflict 'resolve itself' when the participants resolve not to kill each other? I do hope so.
  5. Dilfor - I dont see the Israel/Palestine conflict resolving itself. But this is hardly a similar situation to Iraq post 2003 to present day.

    I think that you can surmise from my previous post that it was the Coalition (all it's constituent parts) that screwed up immediate post-invasion not the Iraqis (no / or wrong plan in place).
  6. Arik

    Thank you for the clarification. Some of the statements coming out of the US recently seem to suggest the view the USofA has done a grand job, and any failure is down to the utter inability of the ragheads to get their act together in response (which seems a bit cheeky). I mistakenly read this into your posting.
  7. What do you think of Obadiah Shoher's views on the Middle East conflict? One can argue, of course, that Shoher is ultra-right, but his followers are far from being a marginal group. Also, he rejects Jewish moralistic reasoning - that's alone is highly unusual for the Israeli right. And he is very influential here in Israel. So what do you think? uh, here's the site in question: Middle East conflict
  8. Hello AlexZello,

    I thought those words looked familiar,didn't you say exactly the same thing in another thread ten days ago?
    What is your relationship with Obadiah Shoher?

  9. Lets not forget howIsreal was set up in the late 40's and how many British servicemen and bobbies were murdered by their terrorists!

    Monkey see, monkey do!
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Were we? I don't recall the Israelis saying much of anything at the time, which I do remember striking me as odd. They'd been pretty fired up about the threat from Saddam back in 1991.

    It never fails to astound me that this essentially provincial turf fight manages to habitually grab top billing as the key to world peace.

    True. Could be said of a few places round the Globe.
  11. Iraq is a mess because the americans decided to emulate hitler and charge to the capitol in armoured vehicles, while completely forgetting that the Germans then ended up with hundreds of thousands of partisans/resistance fighters which harried them for the rest of the war, that and the fact that they think securing the borders is too manpower intensive.
  12. I recall the Israelis being quiet as mice in the run-up to the Iraq invasion.

    Jewish American neo-con types aren't "the Israelis".
  13. Grey24 - is this a wah? If it is not then you might have a think about your grasp of military tactics et al. I have not heard many people (however diametrically opposed they are to the invasion) comment on how pis* poor the US invasion and assault was. Clearly you know something different. Your comparision to Hitler is a bit skewed as well. What Hitler didn't do (and proably should have done) was charge to Moscow and try and knock Russia out of the war. Instead he got bogged down in Leningrad and Stalingrad. What did go wrong in Iraq was in almost everything after that.