Israel ready to act over Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Any bets on when the first aircraft go in? Frankly, I think it was always on the cards. The US doesn't want to go in, and why should they if the Israelis will do it for them?

    I like Condi's comment on Iran not getting "confused" on the US's capabilities.
  2. I wish they'd get on wth it then.

    I'm getting bored of waiting *yawn*
  3. I like these proxy wars
  4. Did you not say that you would donate a months wages if Israel attacked Iran? :wink:
  5. Can we have a sweepstake ?

    Israel already has the bombs needed - supplied courtesy of the US
    Patriot is on place - hopefully improved.
  6. Shall we have a sidebet as to who Iranian Special Forces , Infiltration teams and Silkworm shooters will be having a go at? Let's have a sidebet as to which Nation's troops will have their hands full keeping the lid on the dramatic rise in insurgency in Iraq in response?

    Big fat clue....

    NOT Israel.

    And it makes a change for the dog to wag the tail, so that's not going to happen either.

    So does the Israeli Government. The last time they tried a spot of warfare themselves, they got their arrses handed to them.
  7. Poland??? :p (Sorry couldn't resist)

    There will be no war with Iran , no Israeli bombing of Iran, no nothing!

    But that does not mean that Israel will not hit back at weaker Iranian allies.
  8. I will never understand the arrogance and hypocracy of those that think they have the 'right' to use violence upon others, and at the same time condemn others that for having the potential or temerity to do likewise. It is no different from the bully in the schholplayground who is frightened his 'powers' are waning.

    And that, sadly, is Israel and the US in a nutshell. So powerful and omnipresent for so long, and now slipsliding down the influence ladder quicker than a politician called Cyclops.
  9. Just typing 'silkworm' made me think of something

    [tinfoil hat on] What is the price of oil doing everytime Israel gets a cockstand for Iran? How many Israeli Corporate oil speculators are there? [/tinfoil hat off]
  10. [​IMG]

    Just to back up my theory that will be no hostilities - Look at the map, any war/hostilities with Iran would threaten the Persian Gulf and so jeopardise not only oil supply but the trade routes of western allies and the west.
  11. Or it will put US right on the Caspian sea.

    "BEIJING, April 15 (Reuters) - Kazakhstan will support China in developing oil and gas resources on the continental shelf of the Caspian Sea, a joint communique by the two governments showed on Tuesday, as the two seek closer ties...
    Beijing sees its central Asian neighbours as strategic partners to secure oil and gas supplies for its booming economy, while the latter view the world's second-largest energy user as an indispensible market to diversify away from their Western consumers."
  12. You really think Israel cares a shite about the rest of us?
    Seriously, if Israel believes that Iran is about to succeed in building a nuke, they will believe Iran is about to 'wipe them from the map'. In their eyes, they will be no worse off attacking them now, and in fact would probably prefer doing it now than later, and consequences be damned.
  13. I wish they'd get on with it as I just hate Iran. Sick to f*cking death of them. Go Israel!

    The 'fall out' will be interesting...(anybody see what I did there?)
  14. No, but they would quickly give a damn if they had to face a very hostile American public who were suffering the economic consequences of Israeli aggression.
  15. Combine overstretch with the fact that the Russians would never allow it.