Israel offers the Golan Heights to Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. If true, a very sensible and welcome step in the right direction.

  2. A good move on Israels part.
  3. I would automatically resolve territorial dispute with Lebanon. USA would be able to normalise relations with Syria. Moreover, this country could be potentially an American ally. Why not? And what is the price? Small, in not tiny mountaneous area.
  4. That is the stumbling block. Israel have been offering them the same 'land for peace' deal they gave the Egyptians for 40 years and the Syrians have refused to take it. The Syrians will still want to run terrorism in the area more than they want the Golan.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What a load of shoit!!!!

    Israel demands that in exchange Syria stops supporting Hezbolla, Iran and Palestinian militants.

    Anyone who knows anything of ME politics will realise that that will be a five minute wonder and the Syria will go back to supporting enemies of Israel.

    The whole plan IMHO is short-sighted and stupid. The Golan Heights provide Israel with a superb bit of ground from which to monitor its enemies and a good buffer against attackers. Giving it away will achieve something for 5 minutes and then provide as much of a threat to Israel as it did before the six day war.

    IMHO: dumb, dumb, dumb.
  6. Riiiiiiight is Olmert in any position to actually guarantee such a deal? Or is he looking to pull a Barak. The US is coming the realisation that it needs Syria for Iraq, open detente with Iran not being a possibility. Does normalisation of relations really suit Israel? No, Golan also offer access to fresh water. It is a spoiler.
  7. I wouldn't bother getting too aerated if I were you. Its a non offer. (Thief nicks land. Thief offers land back on certain conditions. Conditions not accepted. Thief then uses non acceptance of conditions as a justification for it's continuing possesion of land that doesn't belong to it.)

    Furthermore, as the dishonest offer is made under the ageis of 'Land for Peace' non acceptance of the non offer by the Syrians can and will be potrayed by the Israelis as a sign of hostility on their part. This in turn can be used by the Israelis to become more agressive to the Syrians.

    Not for the first time I'm obliged to doff my cap to the Israelis and say, "Smooth move Ex Lax!"
  8. All points above well noted.

    But surely the main point is simple. Until Israel FULLY complies with its international obligations to return to the pre-1967 borders - there will never be even the slightest chance of peace in the region.

    If true, this is another step in making that possibility become reality.
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Any one heard this breaking news about the four infiltrators? Seems to be far better tactics than going 'bang' on a bus. Its all over the Arab media at the moment, should break shortly...
  10. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs


    Wonder what their target is in Israel proper, seem quite a strong arm way to slip people into Israel, given that there is no wall around Gaza and the 'fence' can be porous. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a recce, they'll probably be back in Gaza by nightfall tonight or tomorrow.

    'Hot summer' doesn't sound like a picnic invite to me...
  11. This comes at a time when Israel has been under a lot of pressure not to talk to the Syrians from DC, or at least the bit of DC that still obeys Dick Cheney. There's been rumors of back channel contacts for some time. Last year some crazies on The Hill were even urging Israel to widen their already obviously failing Lebanese incursion into Syria. The Israelis weren't biting they are not fools.

    They should have given the heights back long ago the water sources they provide are not worth the trouble and their strategic value is minimal.

    What they want from this deal is for Damascus to promise they'll cut off Hizbollah, Hamas and sever their ties with Iran. In return they are genorously offering to recognise Syrian sovereignty over the Golan Heights and take a 25 year lease on it from the Syrians with the prospect that if Damascus have been very good boys they might give it back. It is legally Syrian territory now so what this amounts to would be an acknowledgement of their illegal prescence, a declaration that it will go on for at least a quarter of a century and I assume an unspecified large bung as a sweetner. It is a typically big hearted gesture from Tel Aviv. If the Syrians had a sense of humor they'd be cacking themselves at the chutzpah of it.

    A pity, successful splitting the Iran-Syria alliance would greatly improve Israel's deteriorating security situation. They may regret not making a viable deal when they were in a position of strength in a decade. Things are likely to get very hot in the Holy Land as a result of the fall of Baghdad. Tel Aviv knows this but their domestic politics cripple effective diplomacy, they need a tougher Oval Office to rescue them from their folly.

    See Haaretz.
  12. I don't blame the Israelis for being defensive, given the chance, the Arabs will push all the Israelis into the sea after slaughtering and raping the rest left behind before killiing them and robbing the weak, poor, disabled, old, I cannot see the Arabs quite following the rule of law and civilised behavior given their past practice.

    before partition the was never any Palestinian or Israeli nation prior to the creation of the Two states, the whole territory was called Transjordan and both ethnic groups have been living in the area for years and was split into Palestine, Isreal and Jordan after the British mandate was handed to the UN.

    the surrounding Arab nations were not in the slightest interested in Palestinians, they just want to slaughter Jews and did actually say they want to make the streets of jerusalem run with Isreali blood, that comment would put the sh1ts up any Israelis and make them fight harder for their very own survival and has been that way ever since.

    for the record many Palestinians are Christians, not a very well known fact.
  13. And it's 2007 not AD 07.

    Which Arab nation poses a serious and I mean serious threat to the state of Israel?
  14. the Arabs attacked in 1948-49, 1967, 1973-74, 1982 due to PLO attacks.

    there is every chance they will try again, this can include Syria, Iran, any proxy terrorist organisations such as Hamas, Fatah, Al Qaida, Hezzbollah amongst many groups, it is not surprising that they do feel under siege, if they really plan it right, they can coordinate their efforts in a concerted attack inside and out, that threat is there.

    just because it is 2007 doesn't mean they won't attack in the future, Iran can be a future potential threat if they do develop Nuclear weapons, (which I think they will do) and decide to use it, I would not dismiss that out of hand.

    none of the Muslim groups are willing to make peace with Israel, Egypt did and was vilified for it by the Arab league, Jordan also made peace with Israel in 1994, the rest are not interested and many terrorist groups still launch rocket attacks on residental areas in Israe, leading to retaliatory raids will dosen't solve anything on both sides, in spite of withdrawing from occupied territories and demolishing Jewish settlement, it was still not enough for them, they still want to continue attacking until there is no Israeli alive, how do you deal with that ? as long as that goes on, there can be no true peace and no Isreali is going to give up anything that will compromise their safety as they do not trust the Arabs to keep their word, as mentioned earlier any agreement will be a 5 minute wonder.

    in short the menace and threat to Israel is still there and as long as that continues no Israeli will feel secure.
  15. I'll make it simple.

    Which Arab state today poses a serious and credible threat to the end of the state of Israel.