Israel mulls UK call to charge IDF troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 6, 2007.

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    Do you think that our Israeli friends would extradict the commander? Personally I think that rather the Martians would extradict somebody to the UK.

    So Israel agrees that the killing took place. The criminal is well known. It is not dim, unclear suppositions but proven fact.

  2. An IDF spokesperson made the following statement after Miller's death: "The IDF expresses sorrow at the death of the cameraman who entered a combat zone. Cameramen who knowingly enter a combat zone endanger themselves as well as the troops, and clearly run the risk of being caught in the crossfire." An IDF spokesperson described the circumstances of his death as occurring during "an operation taking place at night, in which the [Israeli] force was under fire and in which the force returned fire with light weapons."

    So the family are only after more money, the soldier concerned has already been dicsiplined.
  3. Disciplined... in Israel. No, he should face a trial in the UK and British court will decide his fate. What do our Israeli friends fear? If the soldier is not guilty then after 3-4 years in the lovely British jail he would be released... maybe.
  4. Why? Do allied serviceman awaiting courts martial for illegal / wrong killings in Iraq or Afghanistan go to trial in those countries under their judicial systems? The US troops who killed the UK journalist in the opening days of Iraq war 2003 should they stand trial in the UK also?? Russsian soldiers awaiting courts martial for illegal killings in Chechnya do not face Chechnyan courts. Why should the standards be different in this case??

    KGBR - what is your obsession with Israel and muck raking?
  5. Why In Britain ???

    " in the killing of photographer James Miller in Gaza in 2003 "

    He was in a conflict Zone, In a forgein country
  6. Same as Taz_786, he doesn't like Jews.
  7. legally: though there is a treaty of extradition between israel and uk, meaning uk can petition for extradition of a uk citizen in israel for an alleged crime comitted in uk, and vice versa, i do not know that the treaty covers the situation now being looked at. advice?

    operationally: believe it or not, israel actually has an army, not a bunch of terrorists. and armies think like armies. israeli soldiers are issued with printed rules of engagement. just like most armies i know of.

    the rules of engagement seem to follow geneva convention, laws of war etc., etc.. (though orders of the day, as anywhere, can adjust roe's generally or operationally).

    i just wonder if the deceased, an accomplished military journalist?, was willfully ignorant of ROE's, equating an army with a bunch of terrorists, in deliberately putting himself in harm's way? that is: was and is there a hidden agenda?
  8. KGB Resident is vainly trying to compare this event with the Litvinenko case, through the extradition requests. He is, I believe, trying to say something like, "Why are you so hard on Russia and not Israel?"

    Also, coupled with his usual Israel Muck raking. He's a pleasent chap.
  9. James Millier was killed in Gaza not in Israel. As Palestinian state has not been created then the only legetimate place for trial is the UK.

    I like noble Jewish people - nice, talented, inventive.

    Arik, it is an important theme, intersting for ARSSErs. Absolutely innocent British citizen was killed. It is a cause for concern. It is important to prevent tragedies of this type.

    Btw, do you support possible extradition of the suspect?
  10. And your point is? Are you saying that a trial in Hamas 'Palestine' would be unfair? :D
    Miller was working in a conflict zone and was tragically killed like so many other journalists in similar areas. Why would you say that Israel is not a 'legitimate' place for a trial and that the UK was?

    Thank you for that, unfortunately I missed out on that part of the DNA chain.

    I will rise to your question. The answer would be no, the soldier was operating under the IDF (the legal military of the State), he broke the rules and like any soldier in any formal military he should face the justice of the military penal system.
  11. I don't know if you've seen the footage- it was shown on C4's Death In Gaza- but James Miller and Saira Shah stopped, raised their hands above their heads, and shouted 'we're from English television'. They didn't move at all in the long pause before he was shot dead (by a Bedouin Arab, btw).

    Or do you think he consciously chose to be murdered as part of a 'hidden agenda'? What is that, 'method journalism'?
  12. Arik. Once our dear PTP proposed me to use quote marks then I joke, write something ironical.
    I confess, I'm guilty. Too often I write something provocative. Really I think that a soldier (even former) should not be extradicted. and this rule is universal for any country.

    So British prosecutors don't understand very simple things. Their extradiction request will never be realised.

    Absolutely disagree. It is impossible to hide two things - intellect and stupidity. Unfortunately in fact I haven't Jewish ancestors except maybe my Gran-Grand-Father who maybe was a baptised Jew (or maybe not).

    As you see I absolutely agree with you. Excuse me for provocative previous posts.
  13. I dont now remember all the points of the case but a) I think it was a night operation and b) the soldier shot him from within an armoured vehicle. These would of impacted on visuals and also whatever the journalists may of shouted would of been muffled. The case against the soldier would of been based on whether the soldier had followed the RoE / guidelines correctly or not.

  14. Don't forget he tries his best with Americans too.
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    Glass houses and all that