Israel Launches Nukes

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SilsoeSid, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. How long before we see that headline?
  2. we just did
  3. Ha ha ha :D Good one
  4. *phew*
  5. Don't do that!
  6. B*stard. I din't bother to read the post before I ran into my bosses office and told him to f*ck his job before sh!tting on his desk.
  7. that's nothing, I just ran around outside and then told the prettiest girl the three minute warning had just been given and could we make love there and then and she called the polis and belted me one and I just got out on bail with a whopping great shiner
  8. Did they get Fisk? Did they get Fisk? Oh....bugger :x
  9. In a bizzare way, it would be kind of fun to see what you could get away with in the time it'd take for The Bomb to get here...
  10. Ferk nearly shat me pants then!

    Good 'un though!!
  11. The burn injuries would be just unimaginable.
  12. Silly B*gger! Don't do that! Had a right flap on then.
  13. #

    Twat. Not funny, never will be.
  14. don't be horrid, maybe he was just worried........
  15. I have two layers of factor 90 suntan lotion on and lead pants for the important parts.
    They chafe a bit but i have been wearing them since Hiroshima.