Israel harvested organs in 90s

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Dec 21, 2009.

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  2. So ? If I remember correctly hospitals were doing the same thing here with dead babies a few years ago
  3. Well that's going to go down well.
  4. Well, at least it was from dead bodies and there is a movement, here in the west, where we carry 'donar cards. However, there are some in the trade, who would like to reverse that. So that you would need to carry a 'I do not donate card'.

    Personally, i'm fuckingoutraged..............................................Hose the fookers down comrad.
  5. Much different then the Swedish report that had the IDF hunting Palestinians specifically for their Organs, Isn't it?

    UC Berkeley prof Nancy Scheper-Hughes*[/b[ goes public because "the symbolism, you know, of taking skin of the population considered to be the enemy, [is] something, just in terms of its symbolic weight, that has to be reconsidered." yet admits Palestinians weren't "By a Long Shot" the object of the program.... :roll:

    Most of those who had organs harvested where Israeli, not Palestinian by a rather Large Margin.

    The Doctor who did it is no longer in his job and hasnt been for almost 5 years.

    There is no evidence that Palestinians were Abducted, Killed for their Organs as the hyped Swedish report mentioned.

    *Hughes is a self-described "radical anthropologist" who explicitly believes you should bend the study of anthropology for political means.

    And from this, the Guardian say "Israel" did it? and the MP says the IDF is involved but fails to illustrate how exactly

    Well Done, I hear the Izzy eat Russian babies as a buffet :roll: can I now have a Column?
  7. That's nothing! I regularly harvest little children and prostitutes.............
  8. Personally I have no real objection other than I'd prefer them to ask the NOK before harvesting, something in the old memory banks tells me that Muslims have to be buried within 24 hours and that means all of them-as an individual and not a collective you understand?

    Over to the better read than myself

  9. pre or post death....?
  10. So,the stories of refrigerated trucks following the B echelons in GW1 with various unidentified "medical " teams aren't true.........

    Nor the 500 % increase in transplants in February and March of 1991 in the USA,UK,and France...........
  11. Who'd have thought that there was actually a use for palestinians.
  12. No, I believe. Let's recall this story

    Swedish freelance journalist Donald Bostrom investigated United Nations employees concerns that Israeli soldiers snatch Palestinian children in the middle of the night, murder them, and sell their organs. Bostrom ran the story in Aftonbladet, Sweden's leading tabloid newspaper.

    It is a translation of the article

    In his investigation Bostrom was able to document the case of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem, a 19-year-old Palestinian man who was murdered by Israeli soldiers in 1992 in the West Bank village of Imatin. Bostrom was an eyewitness to the Israeli raid into the village.

    When the Isreali soldiers enter the village, they targeted Ghanem at the gate of his family’s home and called his name “Bilal, Bilal.” He turned around and was shot dead. Instead of allowing his body to be recovered by his family, the Israelis immediately abducted his corpse using an ambulance and a military helicopter which were staged and ready to transport the young man’s body to the hospital. A week later his body was returned to his family with with an incision from his neck to his stomach suggesting his organs had been taken.

    His brother Jalal Ghanem said, "It was very clear that there was no abdomen, it showed from the way it was stitched. There were no teeth in his mouth."

    Other Palestinian men were being abducted by the Israelis that year which also coincided with a shortage of organs for transplant in Israel. In his article Bostrom wrote, "At the same time that this organ campaign was going on, young Palestinian men were disappearing and being delivered back to their villages five days later at night, dead and cut open."


    Now, for the first time Israel admitted that there was practice of removal of organs from killed Palestinians.
  13. KGB, ever see what a Bullet does to internal organs?

    Be a damn stupid way to harvest organs for profit to shoot someone in the torso twice considering a bullets path once it enters the body isnt always predictable, not to mention Hydrostatic Shock effects.
  14. And even if it's true, there are going to be people wandering around somewhere who wouldn't have been alive otherwise. The bodies would only have rotted anyway...

    But I'm inclined to regard this as another "Jews eat babies!!!" tale from the loony fringe.
  15. And poison wells...
    And kidnap red headed goyyim,string them upside down and allow vipers to sting them to death whilst collecting the torrents of spittle that flow from their tormented lips.You then smear this on the door-knockers of Christians who (in defiance of Koch's Postulates) promptly catch the Plague and die.Job done and Avram is your mother Rachels brother !!!

    Well,that's the reason we gave when we burnt them alive in York Castle and expelled the remainder from England :?