Israel/Gaza - The polite verson.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_Brown, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Okay so, missiles fired at and reaching the suburbs of Tel Aviv this evening, which has somewhat aggravated the Israelis.
    Egyptian PM to undertake a visit to to Gaza tomorrow.

    Potential for escalation?
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I hope he wears his kevlar y-fronts.
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  3. Israel says Iron Dome has successfully intercepted 80 out of 300 missiles fired.
  4. This is no laughing matter. I pray for the victims of this senseless stupidity. My sole consolation and hope is the knowledge that the Special Peace Envoy to the Region is hard at work seeking peace (excepting when he is earning big bucks elsewhere). I refer to the grinning war-mongering spiv Blair.

    It is some achievement by Blair to be even more useless than the plug ugly non-entity, appointed as a final act of spite and malice by the failed and psychotic oaf Brown, Mrs. Ashton - she of the utter nonsense that is the so-called European Soviet Union Foreign Office!! I pay for this monstrosity through my taxes!
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  5. A lot intercepted then which is good news but still less than a 3rd which is a shame.
  6. Islamic Jihad claiming responsibility for the strikes in the region of Tel Aviv.
    Makes sense as they now have closer links with Iran than Hamas do.
  7. Plus Iron Dome is only tasked to those missiles headed towards population areas. So its not as dismal as the figures appear. Those predicted to miss or have little potential of death injury are not targetted
  8. Only pops those predicted to fall in densely populated areas.. And then (obviously) only when in the engagement envelope, which isn't all of Southern Israel yet.
  9. I would love to see another war, more OSMs! :thumright: kill em all! give me an excuse to wear my kill em all t-shirt!
  10. Got a friend in the IDF who is assigned to Iron Dome, apparently its planned for it to cover all major or significant settlements and cities across Israel but like everything in every nation... keeps getting pushed back in favour of other things. Partly as its rather darn pricey.

    Still, its got some potential foreign customers on the horizon
  11. I say we ****ing NUKE EM!!! :applaud:
  12. And in news which has the potential to be novelty, "Anonymous" are allegedly declaring cyber-war on Israel.
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  13. Well for their sake they best hope they all remain anonymous. Can't see their future prospects of remaining breathing to be very good otherwise
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  14. I might avoid Doritos & Mountain Dew for a while... Just in case a batch gets "tainted".
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  15. My money is on the Iron Dome interceptor stock being depleted a long time before Hamas run out of Qassims.

    Looks like the Palestinians UN attempt for non-member state status has been seen as too threatening by Israel.

    "Monday evening, Netanyahu held a meeting with a number of his senior ministers to deal with the issue Israel fears the most: a scenario in which Palestine's new status as a non-member state would allow it to be accepted as a member of the International Criminal Court of the UN in the Hague and demand Israel and its leaders be tried for war crimes. Israel is not a member of the International Criminal Court, and as a result its decisions do not obligate Israel. But a prosecution against Israel or senior Israeli officials in the international court could initiate a wave of criminal proceedings against Israel around the world and encourage the implementation of various economic sanctions against Israel, such as a ban on imports from the settlements.

    During the meeting with Netanyahu, Lieberman and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said the Palestinian approach to the International Criminal Court would be "a declaration of war," which would require Israel to respond even more strongly than the Palestinian initiative in the General Assembly."
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