Israel freezes settlements, waits for response

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 26, 2009.

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    By the way

  2. As soon as I saw the thread title I knew you'd have posted it! All very interesting and important but I am intrigued as to what your fascination with all matters to do with Israel is based upon?
  3. Cos realy his name is MOSSAD_resident. :D
  4. Dear friend, from my point of view, all more or less important events on the World stage are interconnected. They form something like a chain. And the ME issue is likely the very first element of the chain.

    Policies of leading World powers are heavily influenced by the ME situation. To demonstrate my point, I would like to recall the war in Iraq. Apparently, the decision to unleash it is connected to the ME. The support of the Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo was caused by the desire to put unconditional American support of Israel into shadow.

    Why do you think, all candidates for presidency in the USA (at least last years) try to expose themselves as the best friends of Israel? There should be a serious cause.

    Thus, the situation in the ME is extremely important and worth to be discussed.
  5. The Middle East is increasingly becoming irrelevant. They will do as they are told or get a good spanking, this is not the 1970's where they can gob off and they know it.

    The reason for unleashing the war in Iraq was to do with the shortage of tinfoil in wallmart which was connected to the surplus of gas in Russia. This caused an excess of call girls in Paris.

    So after a French man had a shag the world was back in balance and the Palestinians got to moaning about Russians being ******* again.

    The serious cause highlighted is as to whether it is better to be circumcised or not! You tell us KGB, skin or not?
  6. "The Middle East is increasingly becoming irrelevant" --- are you completely sure about that?!!!!!
  7. The British are increasingly becoming irrelevant. They will do as they are told or get a good spanking, this is not the 1970's where they can gob off and they know it.
  8. I assume that you would find it difficult to hold up your end of a discussion regarding Hamas, Fatah, the Palestinian Authority & Israel.

    Irrelevant, seriously? If I had a book of stupid comments I'd add a new page at the very front, as that is where your view belongs.
  9. In short: Israel are the main causes/aggressors in this conflict.
  10. I fear, mate, that we have agree to disagree here.

    It is an interesting version, though I'm not sure it has too many supporters.
  11. Afghanistan must be getting too hot if the State Dept is focusing on the squatters again! :lol:

    BTW, in terms of climate change/global warming, do they still have Arik Sharon plugged into the life support system?. He must be drawing a hell of a lot of power from the Israeli grid after all these years :lol: They should unplug him :twisted:
  12. Expansion of the war in Afghanistan is in Israeli strategic interests. More fightings, more deaths mean less attention to the ME conflict.

    There is indeed a deficit of electric power in Israel. However, it would be inhuman to follow your proposition.
  13. KGB, everything post 911 has been in Eretz Israel's interest! While the cat's away the mice will play.

    But I beg to differ about my 'inhuman' proposition. Arik showed scant 'humanity' in his life. Plus the LS machine is most probably needed :) .

    Yep, I'm fully au fait with their power grid system. When I was there the electricity went off more time than Frank Sinatra had comebacks!
  14. Not everything exactly and anyway it can't last forever.

    I doubt that blackouts are common in Israel. However, growing economy demands more and more power.
  15. Freeze defrosted.

    No shit.