Israel. En route to corrupted aggressive theocracy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. En route to theocracy? - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

    Assaf Wohl wrote

    Looks as a pure fantasy... though... who knows?
  2. The delights of a messed voting sytem that delivers mainstream parties to the mercy of the Nutty end of the gene pool

  3. Yup, a pure form of PR that some in the UK think we should adopt but ignore the fact that a national vote like Israel uses would mean both the loony right and loony left along with any Islamists or other religious nutters would also garner enough votes to get MP's elected.
  4. Sergey,

    You should really read the OP-ED articles for some US towns. You would have all kinds of nutty conspiracy theory stuff to spread around.

    Don't you people ever get tired of bashing israel or do you truly believe that little country is the epicenter of all the worlds woes? I mean seriously, are you all suggesting that if they were gone that everything would be dandy?

    Personally I think you all just like to whine about things and israel is simply an easy target.
  5. Ghost, personally I don't think that Israel will become a theocracy anytime soon.

    However, apparently there are some problems. So I would like to see other opinions. As I understand you don't believe in theocratic Israel. OK.
  6. Hey what's not to like. The Pals under Hamas are a pretty aggressive theocracy, so obviously they'll be chums. Either that or it'll all get a bit Biblical.
  7. And as they already have WMD's, I can't wait till we get to invade!
  8. Not if we have a 4 or 5% threshold. Saying that, if these people get enough votes they deserve a say in the way things are run. Its called democracy.

    FPTP is a joke. I understand the arguments that it gives strong government. But if thats the case, why have we got a coalition? And why have we had two since the Second World War (When we also had a coalition)? And even then, whats wrong with coalitions? The current one seems to be working pretty well.

    The Lib Dems got 23% of votes, but only 9% of seats. That nearly a quartar of the population, and yet they have under a tenth of the seats. Ridiculous. Similarly, Labour got 28% of votes and yet 39% of seats. Crazy.

    Personally I live in the Riverside constituency which has been solidly Labour since its formation in 1983. A vote for anyone else is a wasted vote.
  9. Nothing to do with the fact that Labour spent 13 years carefully tweaking the system to ensure Labour areas stayed Labour whilst ensuring that strong Tory or Liberal areas had their votes thinned by "Boundary changes ".....