Israel Doomed?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Interesting article, there are interesting observations, interesting thoughts and obvious exagerations. Later or sooner (more probably later) Israel will be a peaceful, prosperous state within 1967 borders (with possible land swap). Nearby Palestinian state will be highly dependent on its neighbour. Palestinians will have many to lose in the case of any conflict.

    It is a stable situation (unlike current one), moreover the only stable configuration. And we see (very slow of course) movement to this inevitable outcome.
  2. Not often I will read a whole article. This is a good one and gives a good view, perhaps not shared by Dubya and his payroll team, or the israelis, but very factual
  3. But it is not a necessarily correct analysis of Israel's situation. Nor is this analysis predictor of the future. It certainly could be one outcome, but the jewish people have been underestimated from day one. I for one do not.
  4. I agree entirely. I think the Israelis have just as much, if not more, resolve than their Palestinian counterparts. The only thing going for the Palestinian war machine is that promotion is much quicker ;)
  5. I do not imagine the people that run Israel are ignorant of this analysis. But I do not know if they have a plan that will avoid its implications. However, I think that the evacuation of Gaza and the building of the wall on the West Bank are steps in the right direction.

    The demography is particularly worrying for those of us that prefer the Western way of doing things to the Arab way.

    The islamic world's oil wealth has passed the peak of its influence. They need to sell it just as much as we need to buy it, if not more so, and they are going to be discomfited if the West gets its act together in the matter of alternative energy sources.

    These are just random thoughts, I'm afraid - but it's time for my nap now.