Israel defies World Court ruling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Disco, Jul 23, 2004.

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    So 150 countries voted against Israel`s barrier and the US still continues to compound the problem. But then the US never mind Israel already does not recognise the World Court or the UN as an "authority" especially when dealing with US concerns.

    Now we have an official ruling on Israel what sanctions would you expect to see, bearing in mind that the US would probably bail them out anyway.

    Is there a possibility of the UN creating a resolution (or should there be) to remove the barrier if need be by force? How many of those 150 nations would stand up and be counted for such an offensive action?

    Would the US really go toe to toe against the world over Israel? especially now when it is seeking multinational support in Iraq to ease the financial and military commitment it has over there.
  2. is it just me , or are Israel becoming the biggest Nazis since ....... well the Nazis.
  3. Seems the same to me, but, the Jewish lobby in the States will make sure that they continue to have Uncle Sams backing to do what the feck they like.

    And, it strikes me that until the spams get a grip of them and lance this particular boil, they can invade the ME 'til the cows come home and they're not gonna convince any of the Arabs that they come in peace etc etc.

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  4. What is a worry is just how far the US will let the Israelis go before they intervene with proper political pressure instead of adding to the problem.
  5. Sir Winston Churchill said
    Wonder if this new wall will one day compete with the curtain
  6. I think real security for the State o f Israel and recognition of the right to exist without threat of genocide is also fairly important...............its a two way street.The Arab nations have also shamefully let the Palestinians down and the Palestinians have never done themselves any favours..see Jordan..see Egypt.........see Lebanon :roll:
  7. Well said, LWM. The Lebanese won't let the Palestinians vote or own property because all they've done north of the Litani is stoke trouble. The Syrians use them as cannon-fodder, the Jordanians are shi*-scared of them after they tried to do to King Hussein exactly what they accuse the Israelis of doing to them. In 1970, Arafat's Fatah terrorists started an uprising against the Hashemite kingdom, intending to seize Jordan as a new "homeland". Hussein unleashed his army against them and killed thousands.

    The Israelis are heavy-handed, but maybe they've got reason to be. Every Arab country around them is bent on their destruction. If a wall works in cutting down the incidence of terrorism against innocent civilians, why not?

    I seem to remember walls across the sectarian divide in bits of Belfast built - by us - to protect civilians.
  8. I think reasoned non ranting pro Israeli points killed that one dead claymore........incidently do you know the second part to the "Flecker"
  9. Can't say I do......?