Israel - asset or liability?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tubbs1970, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Is having Israel as an ally an asset or a liability to the UK's national interest?

    Please take into account factors such as:

    military influence
    international reputation
    business/trade effect
    financial factors

    In no way should this be considered a poll regarding religion.
  2. I would pace Israel very close to the top of any list of countries that increase the level of threat against the UK
  3. Why? Are we helping you with an essay?

    Israel is an ally in the same anodyne way that Egypt is an ally.
  4. No essay Victoria, just a straw poll made significant by recent events.
  5. How about an option that says 'a bit of both - just depends on the context'?
  6. Israel makes life difficult for our other allies in the ME by constantly inflaming their public opinion. This restricts the degree to which they can be seen to be helping us.

    Flouting international law and UNSCRs undermines the legitimacy of the whole framework,and provides a ready get-out clause for others. How many times were Saddam and Israel compared?

    They routinely ignore or betray their allies and often act as if they think an alliance is one way.

    They give us... well , apart from endless headaches and cheap razor blades it's hard to think what they give us that we couldn't get elsewhere.
  7. They largely don't impact on us , neither the palestinians nor any of Israels other neighbours are of any great significance to us, and they don't really threaten our economic or security interests directly. What causes us problems is the American's blind backing of Israel under all circumstances regardless of their own interest, due to our close association with the Yanks we get some of the backblast from this in terms of Arab popular opinion. I don't think we can regard them as an Ally or an enemy, just another geopolitical actor we should interact with through a purely interest-based relationship.
  8. Liability.

    Israel's actions in the West Bank, in Gaza and in the wider region continue to fuel extremist groups and legitimise their actions for terrorist attacks not just in Israel but globally. Fortress Israel is slowly isolating itself from reality - even some of its strongest supporters are now frustrated at its actions as we have seen from the reaction of the US and several European countries and the expulsion of a London based diplomat.

    I judge we are very close to another intifada and another war in Lebanon. This cycle has to be broken and the absence of statesmanship, pragmatism or realism in the Israeli government (and not its people I should add - many of whom are as sick of the situation as we are) means this is a distant prospect. If they will not then the international community must do it for them - if necessary by showing its disapproval through trade sanctions and treating Israel in the same was as Apartheid South Africa. There should be an end to intelligence sharing (such as it is), military exchanges and equipment sales. In short, Israel's foreign policy is fueling an increasing existential threat to UK, US and European interests globally. The success of Hamas in elections is a demonstration of the absolute failure of the West so far - a new policy is needed and I hope that the recent 'snub' by the US Administration might be a start.

    Israel's politicians have recently described the UK as a 'dog' that needs to be brought to heel. The dog now needs to bite that Israeli heel - not hard - but enough to cause some pain. This cannot continue. 53 years of failure is a shameful stain on the international community.
  9. Time the Americans linked military aid to progress in peace talks.

    No progress,no new toys.And no spares for the ones they have already.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    They make excellent security and cryptographic hardware and software.
    They are definately cnuts who perpetuate a state of conflict deliberately.
    Your first name is Yasser.........?
  11. No, his name is Bugsy and he has a real bee in his bonnet about Israel as he blames it for every evil in his blinkered socialist utopia of a world.
  12. I would suggest the time has come where they need to go further, no aid until a genuine peace treaty is agreed and signed by both sides, then the aid is divided equally between both sides.
  13. They are troublesome, quarrelsome and probably an obstacle to better relations with many Arab States. They are not averse to killing terrorists who plan and initiate acts of terror against their citizens.

    They also elect their own government in regular free elections, have freedom of speech, an independant judiciary and a Police Force which is not under political control.

    They also have a strange obsession with people who want to wipe them and the Jewish Race from the face of the planet. Can't imagine where they get that from.
  14. It's Brian actually [no, i'm brian!].... [i'm brian and so is my wife!]

    I do have a 'bee in my bonnet' (seriously p1ssed off) about Israel acting as the greatest recruitment tool Al Quaeda could have dreamt of.

    Carp, it is British Soldiers (and our better allies) fighting and dying in Afghanistan.

    It is British Soldiers fighting Islamist extremism whilst Israel keeps shaking the 'hornets nest'.

    That i why i believe the Israeli state is a huge liability to the UK - British Soldiers are dying because of it.

    Oh an i am still seething about Israeli soldiers murdering British & American peace protestors