Israel admits phosphorous bombing

Whoopee doo! We used quite a few phos grenades in Helmand as well! We obviously used them for a smoke screen though and not to burn the baddies slowly with. :)
Am I just not getting this or did these people invade the country in 1946 - 1948 ish??????
Once again Israel proves it self the little angel we westerners have come to romanticize so much.
tomahawk6 said:
Good thing they didnt use any napalm.
Indeed. Would've made your support a tad more tricky to justify. :)
they had those nasty pointy bayonet things as well, could have some ones eye out with those.

Give me a break, why is there never any protest about the ragheads kidnapping and decapitating their hostages???

Im so sick of the outcry from the fluffy tree hugging liberal cretins!
Well, if it's fair, the Hezbullah use of cluster munitions only recently came to light.


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