Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by polar69, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. I'd like to see him choke on his on political flag waving bullshit
    and bury him in a big hole

    Could be interesting
  2. Yes it could be 'interesting'. Unless of course the dreadful man Brown has ear-marked the land, 'his' land, for some fatuous and politically correct waste of our - the tax payers' - money.

    I trust nothing and believe even less that emanates from this failed and soon to be discarded government.

    Hell's Teeth - Mr. Cameron will have his work cut out saving this sinking ship.
  3. He does have some quite strong views. Nevertheless, probably at least two of your ancestors fought to allow you (and him) to express your opinions.

    If you don’t like what he says, then ignore him - simple.
  4. Recognition at last. Happy days!

    Editing a short post twice, must have hurt the brain a touch!

    PS: Join the club of those clinging to the slippery sides of a sinking ship - MV 'This Government'.
  5. Who do you want to see choking? :?

    I will bury him for a small fee :D
  6. ...and another thug signs up to help throttle freedom of speech and thought!

    Keep going you losers, because many have tried and none have succeeded in buttoning the 'British' lip!

    Brown is the MOST disgraceful and disgusting man ever to have held high office in this country. If you don't like that 'polar69' then join a very small club of like-minded, brain-dead, non-entities and threaten me no more - you speck of dog's excrement!
  7. Wrong forum, should be in the NAAFI "C0cks & N0bbers" thread..

    Actually makes YOU look a bit of a c0ck to tell the truth Polar.....
  8. And i wonder to myself why you got the O2 badge, well done you!