I heard a rumour about a year ago that the Army had bought or produced an ISPL on CD. I dont mean the MMPI discs but something u would see if you went down ith local garage.
Has anyone been involved in trials or has the idea fizzled into nothing? I think that is what the REME need instead of looking through hardcopies. Also any news on the replacement for (bane of my life) FEMIS.
Well why cant REME have the latest tools to help their cause? It would not be impossible for the MOD to pay for ISPLs on CD and in the long run it might be cheaper to issue updates via TRANMAN rater than on paper!
Oh dear, how sad, never mind.... in the words of Windsor Davies!

So sad to see the Corps hasn't moved on. You ought to visit your local REME Aviation specialists at Middle Wallop.....

Take a gander thru the Apache publications on CD!
Even the Army Islander was going that way - in about 1999/2000

You see.... if it flys.....people will spend money on it.....if you don't like my angle then go look at the RAF publications available.

Tornado on DVD, Typhoon now on DVD, palmtops being procured for front line use....Merlin on a ruggedised Laptop...ooh nostalgia for ya.
Even complete with IPSL data, video clips of how systems/stuff works, wiring diagrams up the ying yang!

Not bad seeing as though British Airways had that kind of technology in the early 90's at their 747 Maint Base in Cardiff!

Hope thats of some benefit :lol:
Y just ISPLS on CD/DVD. Why not the whole lot. from your 1033 to your 6858. As well as TAMS/MAT REGS/COSA and any other mumbo jumbo.

Heres an Idea how about QRs on CD all you do is type in the crime and there you go "5 different charge variations for one crime"

Bollocks, put your brain in gear and let the fingers do the walking!

All you want to do is make more space on your fitter truck for your camp cot.
Mass publications put CD to make life easier for the Army chaps.
Sorry Planes and boats cost too much!
Proper automotive style ISPLs are on their way, but expect this time frame to be more geological. Trouble is that REME always seem to be the last in the pecking order when it comes to having properly resourced and supported IT to be able to carry out any form of "great leap forward" in terms of new technology. Not bitter by the way, just resigned to using pen and paper for the foreseeable future. (Have got shares in Banner anyway)
Working in QMG area before I left I suggested each tradesman (about 5000 active tradesman) be issued with a laptop circa £1000 in the same way he gets a toolbox (which incidently is more expensive). Loose it/break it you pay for it. £5,000,000 out of £23,000,000,000 lot of money? How much is the annual AESP budget £22,000,000. Guess that's why they got rid of me, one too many bloody daft question!

If its any consolation progress is being made here on the outside on anumber of these things - your grandson should be able to walk up to the equipment, ask it what's wrong, ask it what it would like replaced and ask it to show him how to do it.
Haven t heard anything but as for forms etc that would be a good idea then rather than sending out packs we could just print as and when required.

We could also get rid of fiche and have a cd rom.

As for forms most units have people with some on CD Rom. i have most of the Armourer ones on CD-ROM and distribute them to anyone who wants them. Have gave most in NI. a copy.

Returning to bordon shortly where i can supply copies to whoever wants them there.
We got told the Llang (Wales) that there would be no more hard copies sent out after this Autumn. Still getting them at the minute so we'll see :roll:
Dii - is that an offence better get that QR's CD out. Publications that are printed at Llangenech must be on a computer for them to print off on their big printing machines, just give us a copy of them on disk or let me free in the IT room with my DVD copier and I'll have em all on Arrse in a week, FF sake it can't be that hard. Oh and you up there yes you p**s off with your tranman comment its utter tosh, tranman can't even do its own shoelaces let alone spread amendments and updates. The way ahead is DVD RW one for each equipment type which is replaced by DSDC when required and the old version returned to DSDC for reuse, once in the hands of the user the nominated VE that now runs the tech library (cos we got f**k all else to do - apparently) copies them for the fitter sections. Easy as that and the DVD RW come from the stationary budget how cheap can that be....... There’s a £25 GEMS there if anyone can be Arrsed. I can't cos I'm up to my eyeballs in tech office 8800's, 2nd line admin, Rover recalls, calibration, H&S/Eqpt Care notice boards and of course the tech library backlog of amendments, god I can’t wait till I’m out next year.. :cry: I really can't. Four jobs for the price of one and oh to have a normal 24 hrs in a day instead of the 32 hrs the army think there is. Sorry I'm going to sit in a corner now and scream until I s*it ...ARGHHHH!!!!! :x Oopsey !!! :?

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