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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Resurgam, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. I am on tiscali 2Mb with the telephone call option. It is dreadful and I think their customer service is dire.

    What would all you real experts recommend. We cannot have a cable system and I am not too sure about using a satellite system.


    Any help gratefully received.

    ps I run Zone alarm mozilla and am on XP Home

    Resurgam :?
  2. For simplicity, I use BT. Since everyone else runs off their lines anyway, everyone else blames BT when there's a problem, so might as well stick with the company that can't blame anyone else.

    Also, I've never had a problem. Lie, actually, had a bit of an issue when first set-up Broadband, but it was sorted and the staff were very helpful.
  4. If you have Sky, Sky BB is dirt cheap. I know a lot of people seem to have had some problems with Sky, all I can say is that after a few teething troubles (which I was told was down to the new line trying to find its optimum levels) which lasted about 2 weeks, my line now seems pretty solid. Their £5 a month package gives you a 8Mb connect with 40Gb monthly download limit, probbaly fine for most people. I personaly have the £10 a month option, 16Mb download (Theoritical) and unlimited
  5. My bold. Not totally true, Since arouhnd 2003 BT have had to allow LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) and allow other companies to put their own equipment in BT's exchanges. A lot of companies have done this, hence why some companies can afford to start a price war, as they are not just "reselling BT's service"

    I am not saying BT is no good, just pointing out about the LLU thing (Try Googling LLU)

    Also it is worth pointing out the LLU is a double edged sword because there are already complaints about some providers who have gone down the LLU route, not providing as good a service and maintaining their equipment
  6. IT_GEEK, I was unaware of that. Interesting. I suspect that the companies that do this will still attempt to blame BT when things go wrong, so as to shift the heat whilst they sort it. (Cynic? Moi? ;) )
  7. One of the big companies to do this are "Talk Talk"

    One of the problems currently being experienced with some "unscrupulous" companies is changing broadband suppliers from one that is on LLU equipment to one that is not. In theory it should be simply a matter of asking your current compnay for a MAC (Migration Account Code... I think) number and then passing this on to your new companies. However some smaller companies are not willing to except MAC numbers from people on LLU equipment, because it would mean someone having to physically go into the exchange and move you back to the BT equpiment.

    The benefits of LLU is potentially far cheaper broadband, and depending on the quality of the equipment being installed, maybe better service and faster speeds. But as it is difficult to monitor how good a companies servicing of their own equipment is, it is a gamble. Likewise, as mentioned above, moving to LLU equipment is a physical job in the exchange, not a simple Digital switch over like when you move from one supplier to another

    Just one more issue to think about if you are considerign moving suppliers :(
  8. Crikey, sounds like too much hassle as it is. I'll stick with BT - national lines, and good service (my experience, not always like this!). :D
  9. Are talk talk any good I am keen to get a calls and Internet package combined without having to pay BT for a line, except of course if they are providing the calls. I can only have adsl at the monent as there is no cable where i live.
  10. Avoid talk-talk like the plague.
    They've over-subscribed their network and got themselves in a right mess.
    Google for "talk-talk problem". You'll soon get the idea...
  11. Ok if they are rubbish and so are tiscali and I left BT 3 years ago cos they were not good then what do I do? Do I really have to crawl back to BT with my tail between my legs?
  12. I'd go with BT. Ok they might have snags but then if you were running a network that size you might too.
    Lot's of little ISP's simply resell bandwidth bought from the big ones. BT is a big one ergo you're dealing with the organ-grinder not the monkey.
    I find in my experience a lot of peoples perceptions about their ISP are influenced by their own ability, no offence.
    I've been with several big name cable and ADSL ISP's and never had problems with any that couldn't be solved in 5 minutes.
  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    It depends a lot on where you are - have found BT to be technically good but their service via Mubai East or wherever is dire when the thing did break.

    They're also expensive compared to others - can only agree about Talk Talk - the worst experience I have EVER had - will never buy any of their products in any shape or form ever again.

    Currently am using tiscali - and it's been good for SW London - just worked from day one no hassle - fingers crossed.

    Whatever you do don't sign a 12 month contract with anyone.
  14. I know everyone is about to give me sh1t on this, but I use AOl, now they were crap when t'internet revolution started, but I get 8mb, and no spam, ever, ok I lie I had 2 last month, but that went straight to the spam folder.
    They upgrade me in speed if my line can cope with it or reduce the price if the general competion lower theres. They dont lie to you, if your line cant handle it, they tell you what your max is.
  15. You may well be right about my lack of understanding which really is huge but everytime something goes wrong with Tiscali it happens to me! They have a setup in Bangalore(I suspect) and I find that I do not really understand what they are saying and they certainly do not understand what I am bleating about. They always promise to take £10 off the bill but I can never seem to find the bill it is supposed to be off. Once I started to complain about something I suddenly started being spammed up the ying yang. Is ther a link I ask myself?

    I will soldier on