isotonic drinks?

does anyone know of a good type/ source of isotonic powder which can be made up into drinks?
50-70g sugar
One litre of warm water
Pinch of salt
200ml of sugar free squash
Mix, cool and drink

200ml ordinary fruit squash
800ml water
A pinch of salt
Mix them all together in a jug and cool down in fridge.

500ml unsweetened fruit juice (orange, apple, pineapple)
500ml water
Mix them all together in a jug and cool down in fridge.
Just get water down your neck mate.
All this fancy shite is just a fad. gets the blood suger up for a bit thats all.
Most are far to high in potassium and sugar, drink that poo and the water you have left will then be drawn away from your working muscles to your gastrointestinal tract in order to break down the suger and you will go down hill from there.
thats good advice, cheers
Don't forget to replace the carbohydrates - a jam butty will do nicely, alternatively considera  banana and a pint of milk.



Don't forget to check the ingredients - the Isostar stuff that comes in litre tubs used to have caffeine added. All very well, unless you're doing a sport where that's a disadvantage (ironic - as well as being an IOC banned substance above a certain level, caffeine is also a diuretic).

As for the various readymade "isotonic sports drinks" (e.g. Lucozade), remember that they have to taste nice, or they won't sell. So, no salt, then. They're apparently not too hideous, though.

A lot of the Hi-5 stuff was energy replacement drink, rather than genuine isotonic stuff. Apparently, several people have got rich from the realisation that you can take glucose in bulk at sweetie-money prices :) before splitting it into litre tubs and charging a fortune, because some gym bunnies are gullible.....

According to one (reliable) dietician, those Nutrigrain Elevenses bars are pretty good stuff in terms of "snacks while sporting".

Best of all, Jungle Juice. Isotonic before we even knew what it means (and the best explanation for why it always tasted nutse - ahhh, hypotonic!)

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