Isnt the World Cup next year?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_baron, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. RWC 2007

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  2. ICC World Cup 2007 (in the Windies I hasten to add)

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  3. Elephant Polo

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  4. NBA Finals

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  5. Any other sport but oafball sorry football

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  1. I know there's usually a big build up to World Cups but over 12 months is taking the mick :roll:

    Oh right its not one for a proper sport 8O

    Stand by for a torrid of abuse, which then dissolves into the usual England/Scotland bashing.
  2. Next years RWC will be interesting to say the least, as will the 2009 Lions tour. Wheres the RWC being held? I know the Lions are in South Africa again.

    99'call anyone?
  3. 1.3 billion people are said to be watching this world cup. Basketball is my main sport, but I's still prefer to watch the World Cup over any basketball game, proberly because their full of Americans :)
  4. 2007 RWC is being held in the land synonymous with capitulation, garlic, white-flags, cheese, BO and giving a warm welcome to their German neighbours... FRANCE! :roll:
  5. Nice and local for the games though, just pop over. My Father in law is a memeber of the French Rugby Union, so guess who's got no problem with tickets 8)
  6. There are also pool games being played in Wales and Scotland.

    RWC 2007 Tickets

    You should check these guys out if you want to travel.


    Had a blinding time when I went to the 2003 World Cup with them. Even supported England in the final :oops: in my kilt and Scotland top and rather sadly (nefariously obtained!) Corps flag! Had a few drinks with some ex-internationals who were assigned to tour groups and they set up some very big pubs. Also they usually put loads of swag in as part of the deal as well. I am planning to go to one of the next Lions tours with them if all goes to plan.