Isnt the Royal Corps Awesome :D


As most threads on this board seem to be slagging something about the corps off I thought I'd start a positive thread :lol:

I shall give today as an example:

Twas a beautiful spring morning, the sun was shining and the birds where singing. Someone somewhere had decided "lets not bother with the usuall friday stuff today of weapon cleaning and the like". Instead they decided, as it was a nice day, to let the regiment roll around in the grass battering each other under the cunning guise of self-defence training :roll: Once everone was suitibly knackered and/or battered the regiment dispersed at lunch time for a long weekend. To top it all off lunch was awesome in the cookhouse today . . . gotta love this job :D
Been in the Corps for 21 years now and loved every minute. The guys and girls have been brill, superiors, peers and subordinites alike. Never have held a grudge and never had one held against me. Met the odd prat but that was never an issue.

My day is even better, stand down from Wednesday to Monday. On the p1ss tonight, spending all my LOA.

Its not "What you can do for the Corps" but "What the Corps can do for you. :lol:
Feck me, did I write that crap, must have still been under the influence of the injection the nurse give me earlier :wink:
Yes I can agree I have had a great time in the corps but I have noticed over the last 5 years it has gone downhill and I can safely say I am getting out at the right time 23 years has flown by boo hoo. Its waht you make of it that counts. To all fellow senior ranks ets I say this to you treat your troops as you would wish to be treated yourself. All the best to the still serving.

G3Ops said:
This morning I leapt out of bed, put on my Corps-coloured pants (instantly cracking a pan-handle) and skipped off to the bathroom.
"cracking a pan handle". like it.
Au contraire Blackadder

I know its been said before and will again, but the Army is what you make it, and if you don't like it be a man (or woman :wink: ) about it and f**k off to civie street.

I love the Corps me, 22 years man and boy :D
Then there's no shortage of whining Corps threads you can contribute to, thereby reinforcing the view in several areas of the Army that we're all a bunch of knobs.

Crack on or, as Zorro says, fcuk off to Civvy Street or to whichever capbadge has such green grass.
Yup too many RDs here......wonder why it's only 2 pages long....oh and it's only the senior ranks here. You're in the minority and I relish in stirring a little bit of chaos.
Just found this bad boy while searching for some pictures for a project.

Gotta be proud of that aint you.

More information here Fovant badges
Well lets be honest this is far more inspiring than a bloody donkey and garaunteed to make G3Ops crack a pan handle while he travels between royal signals association meetings.

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