Isn't That Scary, Kids?

Spooky Kids Movies [ I mean films with kids as the spooky bits..not to kiddie films that make you scared like Barney or Mary Kate and Ashley ]

10] Michael Landon's widow's peak in " I Was A Teenage Werewolf "

9] Nanny celebrates Damien's birthday by hanging around in the closet -" The Omen "

8] The momernt in " The Body Snatchers " [ 1994 ] where a class is asked to draw a clown. One after another the possessed children hold up identical sketches. Finally a normal child exposes herself to danger by displaying a unique work.

7] The hand out of the grave in " Carrie "

6] Tree branch grabs inside windows of the house for the kid in " Poltergeist ", forever ruining Arbour Day.

5] The scene in " Birth " where Nicole Kidman's dead husband shows up as an 11 year old boy in her bathtub.

4] The moment in " Bad Seed " where the mother expresses sadness over the drowning of a young girl. ' Oh, I thought it was exciting' her Bad Seed replies ' Can I have the peanut butter sandwich?'

3] Linda Blair's spider walk down the stairs in the extra-strength director's cut of " The Excorcist "

2] Linda Blair's rotating head in the regular-strength " Exorcist "

1] Haley Joel Osment encounters a strange boy in his apartment in " The Sixth Sense " ' c'mon with me' the visitor says ' I'll show you where my dad hides his gun '. When the kids turns, we see the back of his head has been ' grouted out' by a rifle blast.

But the scariet kid in films , according to noted critic Graham Greene, was
Shirley Temple in " Wee Willie Winkie " [ who was Winkie and how come his willy was so wee? ] Mr. Greene wrote:

" Infancy with her is a disguise, her appeal is more secret and adult...Her neat and well-developed rump twisted in the tape dance: her eyes had a sidelong searching coquetry." he concluded that the audience for Shirley would best be " middle-aged men and the clergy "

20th Century Fox sued for libel and won and the magazine, Night and Day in London, folded

open to suggestions as to other ' goodies' . I need some possible ' rental ideas' for the Video Store this evening..

Popcorn, get yer popcorn here...
blessed baby cakes said:
the tapping on the wondow and the floating dead kid in Salem's Lot..... (
Man...I've found a kindred spirit! I've been quoting that scary-arsed Salem's Lot for years. I get a shiver down my spine every time I think of it.
And the wee guy in the coffin, suddenly sitting up and doing the gravedigger. It's always a great idea to jump in a coffin after nightfall.

The rest of it's pretty camp - but those little lads? F***ing spooky.

They're here

and the end of 'Don't look now'


Kit Reviewer
Scare Beebs in one word


They all float down here.. :twisted:
Cutaway said:
Scare Beebs in one word
They all float down here.. :twisted:
No No No No. Stop it. Its wrong. We even couldn't look at the "c****" at the Monkey's birthday party. We were so scared.
blessed baby cakes said:
the tapping on the wondow and the floating dead kid in Salem's Lot.....


Beebs :(
But wasn't the spider / monster thing in the 2nd half such a disappointment? :( After all the terror of part 1 - clown, bleeding taps etc 8O - seeing that awfully bad puppet monster in part 2 just made me laugh... :roll:
The really disturbing thing about kids is to think about the teenagers who embraced the Sex Pistols' seminal Never Mind the B*ll*cks on its 1977 release are now the ones arranging your mortgage at the bank...
blessed baby cakes said:
No no no no no.

Make it stop Beebs.
Not to take this too off topic.. but , if you can find it in a pirated copy or off a sleazy website.. there is a vastly underrated film starring Bobcat Goldthwaite and Robin Williams called " Shakes, the Clown "..
Bobcat is a [ what else?] drug addled boozing Clown and Williams is his mortal enemy, a Mime! The premise is that they are real; clowns and mimes hate each other with a racial/ethnic passion ..Black, Crude, Rude and hilariously funny - in a warped, boozy kind of way.. - should be mandatory viewing for all kids under 14...
The kids in "the Grudge" either Jap or English version

Don't say much, they're just fcuking creepy
Stop clowning around, you guys are scaring the girls.
ChickenHeart said:
firestarter said:
Insanity Index = 6.73 :p

INSANITY INDEX 5.69 Thank you for taking the SaniTest(TM). Your score indicates that you are buggy. That may seem like a frivolous term in this context, but you must bear in mind that the word 'bug' comes from an old Welsh word meaning 'ghost,' and was originally applied to people who were possessed by malevolent spirits or demons from hell. Buggy people should limit their exposure to the black arts of necromancy. Others who scored at this level include US attorney general John Ashcroft and soft-rock duo the Captain and Tenille.
INSANITY INDEX 6.13 This score is solidly in the middle of the spectrum of madness, and it indicates that you are a classic lunatic. Lunatics are often highly functional, and even great achievers. But their personal lives are often left in ruins as they attempt to deal with their antic inner demons. Others who scored at this level include comedian/actor Robin Williams and French philosopher Voltaire.
I must get out more...

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