Isnt life bitch

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bdfl, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. Ive only been a few months and im at phaze 2 at the moment, i go to my home town on Xmas leave and this happens
    I spend the night in the local Hospital the civy police get involved and loose all of my clothing (jacket, jeans, T-shirt and trainers!!!). I feel that ive been treated like the crimanal
    Then end up on Xmas eve having to have a op on my arm to recover the tendons/feelings and dont get out till Xmas day and there is no garantee that i will have feelings there again. This could really mess up my career.
    What has really fecked me off is that i carry when im working but if i carry on the street i would get done for it, yet little sihts carry on the street and they think its hard and THEY HAVE NO REGARD FOR SERVING PERSONEL. If it was not for people like us they would not have the lifestyle that they have now.
    I could go on but Rant over
  2. The only thing criminal about you is you spelling. You chav retard.
  3. Why did she stab you?
  5. And you have no regard for the English language.

    As such, learn to spell (doubt you will), or do one mongchild.
  6. I admit i cant spell, we all have things that we are not very good at :(
  7. Since you're talking about "carrying" [a knife] as if it were something you would consider on a night out, I'd say there are more things you were not good at.

    Why did she stab you?
  8. Left Bicept and fore Arm twice
  9. For being Wedgy?
  10. Umm I think the question there was why she stabbed you...
  11. Can you read? Why did she stab you? Not where... W H Y ? ?

    T C
  12. You're not the brightest bulb in the lamp are you?
  13. 15W
  14. Hopefully not the only one :wink:
  15. She was being racist towards what she called Pinkyes and no i wont carry a knife in my own city, that would mean that im no better that them if i did.