Isn't It Time We Faced up to the Problem?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. I am all for living in harmony and full integration into the UK way of life but again another case has hit the courts again today.

    How long are we all going to deny this is a problem and that it needs to be dealt with. I know this is going to be a controversial thread and stir up some bad feeling but we must debate this problem and it is a problem like responsible adults.

    If it is not ethnically related then where is the evidence pointing to other court cases with allegations levelled at other parts and sections of our communities?

    Todays Case....

    5 on trail at Snaresbrook Crown East London

    Five men 'groomed vulnerable young girls with drugs and alcohol before sexually assaulting them and forcing them into prostitution' | Mail Online

    Threads from this site about other gangs...




    I bet if we looked hard enough we would find other cases.

    This from a couple of weeks ago..
    BBC News - Police 'investigating 54 child grooming gangs'

    Illegal Blackburn shisha den closed down after police raid (From Lancashire Telegraph)

    News in the NW this evening that a number of Shisha Bars in Blackburn are under investigation under child grooming suspicions..

    54 Allegations that is a frightening figure......Either this is a focused ethnic problem or the UK is turning into a nation of kiddie fiddlers.
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  2. I dont believe it is purely an "ethnic" problem as the Catholic Church, Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall etc confirm. However, it is an issue where groups of men target girls in this way because of social or cultural attitudes...
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  3. I bet if we looked equally hard we would find white gangs doing it as well. What's your point?
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  4. Todays case ? So should we start with the failings of the care home ?

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  5. How dare you accuse Muslim gangs of grooming young girls. It's obviously a conspiracy by the EDL.
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  6. Oh hello jimpy, you pised off since your mortar platoon aren't doing it :)
  7. My point is despite 30 minutes research on google I couldn't find any recent ones. Either the press are ignoring them completely or they are sporadic and few and far between.

    Maybe you can do better as it seems to be an issue for you?

    The press are clearly keen to highlight these and the various celeb spin off surrounding Saville but not much else.
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  8. They only groom young men mucker.
  9. I don't profess to any scientific study but your comment

    "My point is despite 30 minutes research on google I couldn't find any recent ones. Either the press are ignoring them completely or they are sporadic and few and far between" hits the nail on the head.
    Most of the great unwashed form their polictical and general viewpoint of the world from what they watch on the TV and read in the scum. Muslims are de riguer at the moment and newsworthy and will generate comment and gnashing of the teeth. Ergo, the crimes that are committed by muslims, blacks, kiddy fiddlers that are black will get more space.
    I agree that they should be shot, but at the same time feel that whilst there is a problem, it isn't specifically a muslim one.
  10. Maybe Asian men are just more thoughtful lovers and kiddies prefer to **** them than fat, bald, limp dicked racists that smell of Stella and B&H.
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  11. I wondered why I don't score.
  12. I think we need to examine the selfish nature of our society.

    These foreign or ethnic kiddy fiddlers seem to share the younguns with their pals. Your typical British WASP paedo on the other hand seems to dress in a dirty Mac and go double veteran on all the junior booty himself.
  13. Where there's kids being raised by kids or in care homes they'll be predators. No matter the colour, or religion.
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  14. Yes, what is it about extremist whites and hair loss? It suggests that there is a eugenic answer to the problem - perhaps we should be sterilising them?