Isnt it time the Brassard went?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. With the C95 cadets are unable to wear the brassard without sewing it on their arm. If not done properly it looks Shite. What is the alternative? A rank slide with the word cadet on the top?
  2. Or a quick trip to a tailor for a a button to be sewn on to the top as the Nice gents with the snooker cues do with their RP sleeves
  3. Cadets in my county wear a rather gaudy badge sewn on their right shoulder denoting they are ACF along with their rank slide being suitably marked. Their is no mention of their affiliated regiment on their uniform other than the beret & cap badge, and they don't wear stable belts. It ended up having to be this way because our cadets were constantly getting mistaken for young soldiers when on the very busy camp we use for training.
  4. ARMY CADET shoulder titles would be better, with ACF or CCF rankslides
  5. That seems the answer - Cadet badges on shoulder and rank slide.
  6. I agree, I've seen a lot of Cadets from other counties with essentially no obvious indication that they are Cadets (other than being short arrsed scruffy oikes).
  7. My old CCF are a bit like that; no brassards because the school refuses to buy them or the badges for them; just CCF rankslides and stable belts for those who've done the CLC. They don't share facilities with regs or TA that often; when they do it's obvious who's who.

    If badges or brassards are wanted they will have to be issued; schools aren't going to spend their budget on badges when they could be buying decent radios to improve cadet safety.
  8. I would like to see the brassard go away too. The last lot I got for my det were paper thin and of piss poor quality. after a few washes they were seriously faded and tatty.

    I would like to see Shoulder badges, ACF TRF (in stable belt colours) and perhaps a county formation flash.

    Rank slides for Cadets should have either CADET on them or ARMY CADETS. Letters ACF/CCF only for adult staff.

    But where do you put the qualifications and star badges? Some sort of Zap patch?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    How about a cadet capbadge?
  10. I believe if you use the search function there's a thread on that already, msr ;)
  11. I don't think the ARMY would approve. Its they, by and large that tell us what cap badges we wear. KAPE, visible footprint, future recruiting, sponsor regiments and all that..

    Could happen though. Maybe an AGC badge?
  12. Disagree on the Cadet capbadge - Cadet units pride themselves on their affiliations; affiliated units in turn foster realtions with a source of potential recruits. To have a common capbadge would be a bit like having a Corps of Infantry with its own capbadge.
  13. If we all had the same cap badge we'd be the RAF. Only much cheaper and more like a military organisation! :D
  14. Is there much demand amongst the clientele of the Cadet Kit Shop for Para smocks, Lowas and survival kits?