Isnt it time the Army got up to date with sport?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Lord_Of_All_The_Chimps, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Football, hockey, rugby, boxing .... jees, they are so 1985.

    Why doesn't the army focus it's attention on the more modern sports that the youth of today are practicing? Extreme Sports.

    Instead of playing foorball why not give the platoon skateboards and go sk8ing round the local town? Also, Parkour (free running) is a new phenomnenom that is becoming popular amongst the urban underground. Why not have soldiers all doing Parkour? This also helps with agility for when you are running away from enemy fire and need to clear obstacles. Boxing? Meh, it's all about Cage Fighting these days. Boxing is ok ... if you are a woman that is. But 2 men in a cage, no rules ... now that's a man's sport innit. For team games, rather than the cliched old football/rugby routine, get the lads down the ice rink for a hard game of Ice Hockey.

    By 2007 eXtreme Sports should have made it to the Army. Isn't it time we moved forward?
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Who says they haven't? If they haven't why don't you organise a club so others can join?

    Times only change when people want them to... Here's your change to get an A1 in your next CR.
  3. Maybe because your more likely to injure yourself taking part in these more hardcore activities, which would then totally mess up any training, but it probably just comes down to money and time.

    I think it would attract a lot more people to the job though if they did.
  4. Imagine getting to your unit and being greeted by Chimpy as your sports officer, personal insurance would be doubled overnight. Regarding ice hockey etc BATUS have a team and its like a caged night every night in the SIN BIN and most other Squadron bars around the world.
  5. 05NMANIK - coming from the man with Steve Peat as his avator, you should be backing Lord.

    It's all down to H&S now adays. Downhilling, bmxing, skateboarding, parkour are all outdoor sports, usually on the street/side of a hill. H&S are having enough of a fit letting Dhers race, let alone the army racing DH.

    Make a skatepark/DH run, with pads all over it, on a flat field, then yes, it might just get brought into the army... but really, do you think that would happen?
  6. that is what i just said is it not
  7. O5NMANIC and ODYSSEY you dont know our Chimpy too well do you. H&S is his middle name :wink:
    Chimpy is used to this harduous activities from his under cover work in the past :D
  8. Modern sports ........ beach volleyball for the girls.
    Modern sports ........ watching beach volleyball for the lads.
  9. I think Ive seen is name pop up a few times.
  10. I'm surprised martial arts such as karate and Tae Kwon Do haven't developed more as PT. I know there's a few clubs around but I've never seen it as a proper APTC activity. I would have thought Tae Kwon Do would be ideal for the military ie aerobic activity, drill type movements, controlled aggression etc, inter unit competitions which could lead on to national teams. A lot cheaper and less eliteist than skiing I would suspect.
  11. Now that is what I'm on about :D
  12. The Army does race Down Hill, on a European Cup course no less.
  13. seriously, :D well that's the first Ive you know anymore about it?
  14. Probably the reason for this is because these sports are team sports, require a stratagy and generaly are popular sports.

    face it, team work in sk8boarding? would be amusing to watch though especially with the more senior ranks trying to figure out how to sk8.