Isn't it funny when the TA get called up

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by error_unknown, Feb 5, 2003.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha,

    Get to Iraq, you fat, forty, balding, badly shaped beret wearing, no marks.

    The ex forces drinking club does have its drawbacks.
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  2. Cockup.

    What a quality post!  Another ex-ARAB attempt at STAB baiting?

    As one who is forty & balding - I am quite happy to go if called upon.  

    As you are now a civvie, where do you go for an ex-forces drink?
  3. Explain ex-ARAB?
  4. From that I assumed you were on the outside looking in.  If you are still serving, have you got the sunshine kit?
  5. Gasbag ;)

    I'm just not familiar with the term ex-ARAB and wasn't sure if it was derogatory or a compliment?

    Indeed, I am on the outside. I have the dubious pleasure of working at the same place as a couple of ex-forces guys who are now in the TA. It is these two worthies, who have formulated my opinions. I have to sit there cringeing, whilst listening to them weave their Walter Mitty stories to people in the office. They are both fat, forty and balding. The reason I know that they wear badly, shaped berets is that they both got changed into uniform before leaving work once, on the flimsy pretext that they wouldn't have time to go home and get changed. Watching them flounce around like a pair of 12 x 12's was galling to say the least.

    Now that it looks like they might be forced into having a real story to tell, their concern is apparent.

    Are they not typical examples of TA men? I'd be happy for you to dispel the misapprehension i'm currently labouring under. :)
  6. No they are not typical....

    Why not go along to your local TA centre, to see what "typical" TA soldiers are like, before you formulate an opinion?
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  7. Got to agree with PTP

    When I left the forces I missed the banter and the comradery more than the job, so I wandered into the local TA centre.

    In there was a massive cross section of people, granted there were the wannabe nobbers who just wanted to dress up in DPM.

    On the other hand I was mostly impressed by the professionalism and dedication shown by most of them. After all they give up thier spare time to do this, how many serving soldiers would give up thier spare time?

    I decided the TA wasn't for me although I wouldn't hesitate in joining If I wanted to surround myself with a military style background again.

    Beside I get all the Banter I need on here ;D
  8. I'll take your word for it
  9. Im TA and might be able to help you out.

    Fair enough there are a lot of walters and an equal number of fat balding man with nothing to do.

    In the regs there are many recruits who just join up to get a trade and a driving lisense then they fuck off, theres plenty of jack bastards trying to play for an easy life.

    I wouldn't call either professional.

    Put the imachoreity aside while I give a home truth.
    Most TA guys are quite professional blokes who are keen on the profession of soldiering but  are also keen on there civilian profession as well. There are interested in both jobs and work well at both jobs. With the exceptions of the walls and the fat fucks most just  also
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  10. cont. from last post -

    most just want nothing more noble than to serve there country a bit and be partly responsible for its defence.

    Anyway I have found this kind of TA - Reg slagging quite rare. In my experience we both know are places and work well together
  11. Convoy

    Your two colleagues should know how to dress if they had regular service.  That said the organisation I'm with had for many years blokes who wore their jump smock & puttees they had issued for Suez to show that they were "old soldiers" and not TA.  Fortunately with SDR (and before) most had been weeded out.  We now have a 60/40 mix between ex-Regs & "pure" TA.  Granted we have the odd body that spills out of their Combat 95 but if they were not reasonably good at their job they wouldn't be still with us.

    By the way have they actually been "called up"?  
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Fair play -Cock- I've read 1000's of posts on Arrse- I've got to hand it to you- what a load of Bollox!

    The majority of posts are stimulating and informative; this one is a purile attempt to bait the TA.

    TA soldiers, please dont rise to it, -and to not even know what an ARAB is; shows what a military wilderness you're in. The fact you appear to be a ex-Manc Scaley answers my question!
  13. What does being an ex Scaley Manc have to do with it ???
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The defence rests- no further question!