Isnt anything British Sacred?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. As we all know that Mr Darling is merely a Puppet Chancellor and that the real Chancellor of the Exchequer lives next door, Mr Brown now intends to sell of the Royal Mint. We are reliant upon France for Electricty, Russia and Norway for Gas, Ireland for National Savings so who is going to Control the printing of our Money..?

    Is nothing sacred as Zanu-Labour sell Britain down the river?

    Now Alistair Darling puts the Mint up for sale
    Ben Marlow

    THE government is pressing ahead with plans to sell a string of state-owned organisations as part of a privatisation drive to add £35 billion to the dwindling public purse.

    The chancellor, Alistair Darling, has appointed Rothschild to prepare the sale of the Royal Mint. Darling has also hired the Deloitte accountancy firm to explore a potential sale of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in central London.

    Bankers expect Ordnance Survey, Britain’s national mapping agency, to be the next asset to be groomed for privatisation. Some 10 state-owned companies are in the frame, including the Covent Garden Market Authority and the Met Office. The canal-side property of British Waterways could also go.

    The moves follow the sale of the government’s stake in British Energy last year and attempts to find buyers for Channel 4 and a 33% stake in Royal Mail. The Sunday Times
  2. FFS! The one eyed c0ck will be selling off the Crown Jewels next!
  3. I've already bought them. In a pub a couple of weeks back.
  4. On the plus side medals will now have sponsors on them.
  5. I remember reading something similar in the Times a few months ago. The main worry is that with a fire sale in the current financial climate the bidders won't have much competion and will be getting bargains at the expense of the taxpayer. (not that will stop the labour, eh Ashie?)
  6. Looks like the one eyed pr1ck is going for the full set.

    He's already sold most of the gold reserves off when the price was rock bottom.

    He'd have sold his soul long ago if he ever had one and now this is his final attempt at putting the country completely down the toilet.

    Obviously Brown and the rest of his cronies have learned nothing from recent history. Nationally owned industries were sold off to raise short term cash and we are now paying the price for that error through some of the highest utility bills in Europe. Most waste disposal contracts are now run through foreign owned companies and are run to the bare legal minimum. Married Service Accommodation was sold off to raise short term cash to be used to improve them but this has resulted in a complete balls up where a lot of quarters are unfit to live in and there are insufficient homes available in some areas to house all those that require accommodation. The result of this is that the tax payer has to pay anything up to £1000 per month on top of what the service person pays in order to house the family in rented accommodation (yes I know that Labour weren't responsible for that fcuk up but it seems like they've not learned from it though).

    The whole government are a bunch of self serving arrseholes that seem intent on running this country into the ground before they are voted out of office at the next election.

    Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him? :x
  7. And yet some people still seem to have trouble believing they're the Tories in disguise. What's it going to take, Gordon with a blue dress and handbag?
  8. So are we saying our coinage and notes will be printed by a private company??????

    And are we eventually going to be paying someone to print it???
  9. Ordnance Survey will stand for nothing once it is sold on.
  10. Don't private companies want to make a profit? Does that mean that each £10 note will cost £11?
  11. Seems like they already are in some parts of the country! Linky
  12. Hang on a moment, Mulled this over, this afternoon. All of us have a whinge at some point, me included. And what's happened to Britain over the past twelve or so years has been a sea change, mostly negative and mostly unwelcome to some of us. It's perhaps because we wore, or wear, the British uniform, which gives us that identity and our convictions. We also have fantastic Armed Forces and young people of amazing calibre, feted up and down the land for their actions and guts, in the most intense fighting since Korea.
    There are so many other positives we could consider, whilst Guv is transforming Blighty into something most of us don't recognise, don't want, or like, any more.

    For instance, England Rugby are beating the French 34 - 0 at the moment, at home, at Twickenham. Result.

    Also, thousands of folk turned out to to watch our regiments march through Britain's streets this week, in reaction to extremist hatemongers in Luton, where those same protesters were heckled by the indigenous disgruntled public, fed up, like most of us, with the sight and sound of them.

    An MP ridiculed those Muslim extremists live on radio recently, calling them: "idiots". There's talk of banning protests like these, in future. Any credence and influence, that people like that (and who are actually in a minority) might have had in the past, has had a proper kicking.

    Over the water, the general consensus in the Province seems to be, that the peace process and status quo won't be rattled by dissidents, people are united, and against the loss of more innocent lives.

    Whether our Guv flogs off The Royal Mint, the Royal mail, and anything else it can find to replace funds only IT knows what happened to, is probably irrelevent. Because when it comes down to it, we in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have an identity and temperament that's seen us through far worse, in the past, and largely without the help of our unhelpful State and its regional Gauleiters.

    Ultimately, Guv's legacy will make for interesting reading and debate. But, the British Bulldog has put up with Guv, everything we moan about on here, and everything these awful times are throwing at us.
  13. It will make a mint for the Country selling it!
  14. They're worthless,I'll give you twenty quid and a bag of chips for them,and I'm doing you a favour.
  15. So , brown screws the economy, then he sells of the last of the nations silver at rock bottom prices, meaning everything in the future will be shoddy at best and will cost much more. putting future generations in an even worse position.

    Gordon Brown, you are a cnut of the highest order.

    i don't suppose that he has even considered that he should have an electoral mandate for such action. Its not like he could give two sh1ts for the opinions of the UK people. best spend a few more billion creating another massive surevillance boondoggle to keep the law abiding in line.