Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by brit2003, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. im being given a post of ISM does ne 1 know the job role of one and the diffrences to over I.T Jobs in the corps i.e sys eng tech
  2. Maybe you have been given the ISM job because of your ability to spell like a 5 year old !!!!! :lol: :lol:
  3. spk fckin english u trol
  4. Brit2003 wrote:
    You are being "given" this job? You don't know what the job role is? IT jobs like Sys Eng Tech?

    Come on, spill the beans.
  5. Installation System Manager?
  6. Idiotic Spelling Munter
  7. You been smoking crack? You're clearly having a wee bit of trouble stringing a coherent sentence together, so perhaps now is indeed the time to evaluate your preferred vocation in life with care. If you don't know what the trades do, then you must be a potential recruit or extremely raw trainee. Top tip - Sys Eng Tech isn't an IT job - and they probably don't want people who spell 'differences'as 'diffrences' and 'other' as 'over'. Go back and find an adult who is able to tell you what "ISM post" you are "being given". If I wasn't aware of the reasonably high academic requirements, I'd probably suggest (from the wording) that you were actually being provisionally recruited as an Information Systems Engineer, but it sounds unlikely.

    Maybe you should try the Pioneers?
  8. PD Check your PM pse


  9. ism - information system management. generic term for IT work.
  10. Brit 2003 might never be seen again after that ragging!

    I only looked at the post because I thought it was about the Imperial Service Medal! Ah me!

  11. Have I got it wrong or does it stand for In Service Manager? (do I smell a wah)

    Seem to recall an ISM for IARCCIS who hadn't even seen a computer until he got posted in.
  12. ISM in Boz???
  13. OK - granted, I've been deliberately obnoxious there (shock), but the term 'ISM' is an old - and outdated - one in today's Corps. I know some people believe it to be generic, but...generic on whose terms? If this guy is a sprog then he's not getting recruited as an IS Manager is he? If he's not a sprog then he should know something about the Royal Signals surely? It just sounds extremely strange for someone to allegedly be "given a post of ISM" but not actually know what it is. I mean, come on, even if you join Tesco, you know what job you've actually applied for surely??!!!!
  14. right just to get a few things stright im asking a few simple questions to find out the diffrence between the IS jobs in the corps.
    Looks like your to incompitant to answer them and if you do know ne thing bout IS u prob know thats short hand.
    If ISM is an old trade thats why i cnt find anything on it.So id would have thought that this would be a good place to come.
    OH ISM = Infomation Systems Manager i just wanted to know the diffrences betwen trades not hard to ask for somthing as little as that
  15. Does he mean an ism, as in ageism, maybe he can get an ointment for it from is GP?