Islington lawyers to take over Army legal system

Discussion in 'Officers' started by muhandis89, May 29, 2005.

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  1. While sitting in Paris today,awaiting the French EU Constitution vote,with my(german)girlfriend,a piece in The Observer caught my eye.Apparently the Army is no longer to be trusted to disburse it's own form of discipline,and that process is to be ''modified'' by Bliar's legal men.Seems that a system that has endured for many years,is to be scrapped.That's what you get for going to war for those cnuts!!
  2. cant see it happening but if it does would screw the army up completely blairs legal men??? would make the army bit more easier
  3. Kind of like scrapping hundreds of years old Infantry Regiments in the name of 'modernising'?

    Don't worry, 'it's the way ahead' they know best 'don't fight it' you'll be 'fogging a dead horse' Questions and opinions are not welcomed. Just grin and bear it. :D