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Isle of Wight Tanker "Hijacked" 25/10/20

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On regular deep sea merch ships you have the OM in charge and 3 mates doing watches as well as the CE in charge of the pit and 3 engs doing watches although modern ships are usually UMS so the engs do daywork.

They're different to the kind of ships you work on.
On a DP ship you tend to have an old man on bankers hours moving paper and two dynamic positioning officers with nav quals doing twelve hours on watch back to back with two others. Engineering is normally unmanned these days so watch officers will do days for PM, etc. and the oiler (usually a poorly paid brown person) will be dicked for night watch in the ECR.
I was rather hoping the Canoe Club would turn it into a floating collander. Instead we've got negative Trip Advisor reviews to look forward to.
"Just surprised they initially deployed the Police, then waited so long, before engaging the #SBS & other military assets "

Really? My understanding as a never-served civvy and non-journalist but someone who can actually read is that if it is inside the 12mile limit it is subject to domestic law, is a police matter and remains so until the constabulary Gold commander decides it is beyond the police and formally releases control to the attending military unit (which in English, in this case, means the SBS) - or is ordered to so do by Downing Street.

In other words, the police have operational control and jurisdiction until choosing or ordered to hand control to the military.
That was always the case. However it may have been modified since the Beslam School siege in Russia. Prior to that most terrorist incidents were sieges with the bad guys holding hostages and setting out their demands with the police negiotiating, with the military standing bye. If the baddies offed a hostage, the police handed over to the military and the goodies went in and offed the baddies. The Iranian Embassy siege was the perfect example.

After Beslam most terrorist incident have been jihadis on suicide missions hoping to kill as many infidels as possible before the goodies arrive and send them to paradise with their 72 virgin camels. The Westgate Mall incident in Nairobi in 2013 or the Bataclan in Paris in 2015. Since this time Police firearms teams have been beefed up as they are likely to be first on scene until the military arrive on scene. If Them happen to be around at the time and arrive on scene before, or at the same time as the police, I doubt if they will be farting around getting official handover from senior police officers.
I shouldn't imagine that it is the RAF.
You would be very surprised, perhaps you will regal us mere mortals of your military service?
"The case provoked widespread political controversy and was questioned by large sections of the media, causing widespread condemnation by many newspapers (most notably The Sun),[1] and the leaders of both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair called the ruling "an abuse of common sense",[2] while the Conservative Party leader David Cameron pledged to reform British human rights legislation to prevent a recurrence of such situations.[3]"

And after fourteen years what did Cameron and every other politician do to reform British human rights legislation to prevent a recurrence of such situations - zilch.

One of the hijackers was found working as a cleaner at Heathrow two years later in 2008.

Stanstead Hijacker working at Heathrow

Fowzi Nejad the only surviving terrorist from the Iranian Embassy siege couldn't be deported after he completed his prison sentence due to his human rights would be jepardised if he was deported to Iran and he is now living in a council house in Peckham with all the benefits.

Terrorist jailed for Iranian Embassy siege 'living on benefits in Peckham'


War Hero
Any hope that the ship's owners will now get a bill for this? Seeing as they've just been saved the cost of a few days driving round in circles while it might otherwise have been resolved in less kinetic fashion.
Is there any particular reason for the insistence by the ship's owners that the vessel wasn't hijacked or indeed the media's reluctance to describe the incident as such? Are there insurance or other issues involved or is it simply a matter of semantics?
Did not take long .... (shamelessly lifted from Twitter)
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