Isle Of wight Rock Festival

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by IOW_FREEDOM_FIGHTERS, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. :x Was anyone at the Isle of Wight Rock Festival this year,and what did you think.
  2. No!

    kept tripping over chichi trustafarians litterring Newport...
  3. Was awesome!! Prodigy, Foo's and Coldplay... blew me away!

  4. I didn't go to IOW but only because I went to a *real* rock festival. Download was ace!
  5. Isle of wight Freedom Fighters???????????

    The land that time forgot. Best thing out of the Isle of Wight is the Red Funnel back to Southampton!!!!
  6. Hovercraft is faster :D .Such a useless population not even fit enough to have an infantry platoon anymore :twisted:
  7. We are currently "enjoying" a rock festival 200 m up the road...
  8. No, sadly my days of camping in muddy fields are long gone! :(

    I knew someone who went to the original festival in 1970 to see Bob Dylan! Does that count? :D

    Cropedy festival is on this weekend, never been but would love to go next year, anyone been to that?
  9. That waste land of an Isle is stuck in the 1970's :D
  10. Lol, so it seems MM, been there twice for a holiday and a bit dull to say the least! :D