Isle of Man

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schaden, Nov 3, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. How lucky was the guy at 1min 30secs to bounce over that wall!

    Fuck that!
  3. And the director liked it so much we see it three times.
  4. It would appear so!
  5. Conor Cummins is the lucky rider in question - Verandah is that bit o track from memory
  6. My wife has family on the island and one of her nephews is a plod, so he helps out every year.

    Forget wether it was last year, or the year before, but one of the superbikes lost it big- time on the mountain.

    They had to get a cherry- picker with a heat- seeking camera to find what was left......

    it was a mile away, apart from his head, that took a while longer to find.

    It's an awesome experience to drive the course, last time we were there, just for fun, over the mountain, Vinnie the star in his reasonably priced car, put his foot down.

    Got to 60mph before my bottle crashed.

    The course record at the moment, is 17 minutes for almost 38 miles, 138mph average, on shit windy lanes.

    This mad bugger won it 26 times!!!


    Joey Dunlop, "King of the Hill."
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  7. Joey truly was King of the Island

  8. Can't be sure if it's true, but rumour also has it that Joey often mounted his bike after an all- night lock- in........
  9. Try this then Guy Martin Closer to the Edge. Good film. He also had his own TV prog earlier this year riding about on an old canal boat having to do it up using Victorian methods.
  10. If you're into bikes then the Isle of Man TT is the finest event on earth.

    You can sit on a hedge and watch the racing from a couple of feet away at speeds pushing 200mph, go for the full raceweek and its a pretty awesome spectacle.
    Riding the course can be fun but only really good if you get out of bed and go out at early o'clock before thousands of bikes get out on the mountain and everybody falls off.
    Mad Sunday a couple of years back I think it was about 4 hours waiting to get onto the mountain after several accidents kept the roads closed half the day.
    No speed limits out of town (apart from a couple of places where they are trying to reduce the death rate), I overtook a Police car on the mountain a few years back at 150mph and Plod just waved.....

    The accident repeated several times was Connor Cummins, lucky to be alive but back racing a year later!
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Given the Legs are considered a variant of the Valknut, are dead bikers carried to a special hall in Valhalla by wingéd maidens?
  12. Wondered why I felt a bit odd whilst watching that.... Breathing is quite healthy for you apparently. Feck Me!
  13. Do not even think of taking your bike to the TT unless you want to pose on the Prom.

    To ride the course at its best go between the end of the TT 2nd week June and before the Manx GP or Southern 100. the course posts are out as are the bales and of course the stone walls and lamp posts. Go mid week do a lap or 2 obey the limits in towns and once you have played on the Mountain Section for a while start to open up but remember it is an unforgiving two way range with tractors and cars cutting the same corners you want to hang out on.

    Take some friends so that you don't get fooled into playing with the real locals, they are scarily fast.

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  14. The other trick is to book your ferry ticket back on the Sunday or Monday, allows for the Senior race being delayed until the Saturday and the island empties quick on the Saturday. Lots less traffic on the Sunday and Monday after race week.
    As to the locals, fully agree! When you are tooling over the mountain at 170mph with your arse making squeeking noises and somebody on a GSXR passes you as if you are standing still its a bit dis-heartening!
  15. I tend to get a bit frisky after a few beers too, but mounting his motorbike? Each to his own I suppose.......