Isle of Man TT2008

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jagman, May 30, 2008.

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  1. First race tomorow :D
    If you like bikes and have never been then you really have missed out.
    Finest road racing in the world and once you are there you just have to pick a spot in the hedge a watch all day/week.
    On the ferry on Tuesday for a few days of it myself :D
  2. Lucky git.
    However of to Le Mans next Monday, Now that is the finest racing in the world.
  3. Nah, I'll call myself lucky if the weather is good up on the mountain about 5.30 on Wednesday morning.
    Over the mountain, no traffic, no speed limit on a ZX12R in anything like reasonable weather has to be one of the finest ways of spending a little time ever invented :D
  4. Wanted to get to the TT for years but never managed it due to work etc.
    Had a mate who worked for the Bank of Scotland, they offered him two postings..Torquay or the Isle of Man. I managed to point him in the right direction, he bought a house and has been living there since 1998, lucky beggar.
    Have fun :D
  5. Has always been one of my ambitions to go to the TT's , Must be awesome.
    Especially up on the mountain, problem is ,it is always the week before the mighty 24Hr's.
  6. Any one running a book on death numbers this year?I reckon 6
  7. Possibly. It did get upto 11 one race week a couple of years ago.
    Everybody knows the risks though
  8. Caught half a lap from a bikecam being narrated by some mad Yorkshireman this evening. Couldn't believe the speed given the need to remember braking points etc over such a huge course. Mental.

    Frau Suddick had to look way as she got motion sickness. Beats the George Formby film mind.
  9. The top racers are lapping in well under 18 minutes these days, pretty impressive for 37.75 miles of A roads! Some races are 6 laps!
    Watched that lap on ITV4 last night, mighty impressive
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed the Supersport II last night.