islanders lose right to go home

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Completely understand the need for funding to rebuild the community, but, why don't they go for just returning home without any funding demands to start with, then go for a new case for funding?
  2. Not sure I understand your point. It seems to have been the Lords' judgement which rightly or wrongly introduced the funding consideration. A fuller quote from the BBC article reads:

    The full judgement, incidentally, can be found at LINK.
  3. Funding is nothing to do with it.The yanks don't want them there & we most likely promised them thats the way it will be.
  4. Isn't there a village on Salisbury Plains that was taken away from the villagers and never given back?
  5. a) It's Imber village.

    b) A very unpleasant case. Exactly the sort of behaviour the British Army is meant to stand up against. We (the UK) will pour benefits down the throats of millions of mongs who have no intention of ever holding a job down, fund 'millenium domes' and 'cultural events', buit won't allocate a (relative) pittance to right a wrong against living people. Disgrace.
  6. It is an outrage, and something that no British government should have agreed to.
  7. Oooh! an outrage bus, ding ding.
  8. I get the point that no-one likes Sven but that was a reasonable statement wasn't it. :roll:
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Ah bugger. He's back. Another deep statement from the font of all knowledge. Should we be down on one knee in tears at the profoundness of his mastery of it all?

    Finished trying to hide your drivelling under other names? Happy to be a singularly identifiable tosser again?

    God help us all..... :roll:
  10. The main island (the one you see on the telly) has a highest point of 12M, I've stood on it and personally it seems a lot closer to the water than that. The "beaches" on the ocean side of the atoll have receded almost completely in the last 20 years and in at least one place it is only one decent storm from becoming two islands permanently. The ocean is over 7500' deep less than half a mile from the shore line on all sides so waves break with some force.

    The smaller islands are even less viable.

    It is not another maldives or seychelles awaiting exploitation. There is not a lot of room and it is a five hour trip by jet to the nearest decent hospital, hence the very low speed limit that lets the (UK) navy plod regularly fine cyclists for exceeding the speed limit.

    On the other hand it has the makings of a jolly nice posting.

    In summary: St Kilda with decent weather.
  11. What, as in "speshul needs"?
    Anyway I thought that he was dead? that's what I was told at the Interflora shop. The woman working in there said she had been inundated with orders for funeral tributes
  12. They are obviously clever people.

    they never tried to come to the UK and claim whatever. after all lovely weather to uk fcuking cols/rain blah blah.

    sheriie blair was not on thier team any guesses why not not?

    tony blair was not on thier team. another bullet.

    americans in charge and the british bulldog does the command - heel.

    actually english bulldog.

    home rule would release us from the english retards.
  13. What struck me immediately was that the grounds for over-ruling this decision seemed to be that Orders in Privy Council are not subject to judicial review. Or, to put it another way, the Government of the day has a magic wand it can wave any time they don't want their decisions to be held to account.

    There was a word, began with 'd', quite important at one point. Oooh, demo-something. Tip of me tongue...