Island rebuild

Please allow me to introduce the latest build on the Island.


This replaces the FIBUA village with a single, more usable building and compound. The zombies are still there as are Boneys battle subs. The warf is also close by.


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Also we have a new interactive Army Careers Information Office.

All the pictures, the model Rifle, globe and even the magazines on the table are links to Army recruiting web pages (or the magazines that are depicted). Even the Application Forms in the 'In-Tray' link to the real web pages.

Pop in an have a look!



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OK, I now have a fantastic WORKING Utube streaming TV system in the Recruiting Office on RnR Island. All I need now are some decent links to UTube videos I can play on it!

Obviously, I don't want NSFW stuff - and better to have something that makes the Army look good!

I'm going to portion off that piece of land if you want to stream video into the recruiting office. Do you want to use the land portion stream or does the gadget you've got stream automatically?



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Errrrrr. I think its the land Media Stream. I had to go into that to set up a loop, although I set the URL through the TV itself.
ok, not a drama except that its sat on a huge chunk of land and you only get 1 parcel media stream. I'd rather portion off a chunk so that the recruiting office can have its own. I'll do it next time i'm in (not today, i'm on't lash).
boney_m said:
ok, not a drama except that its sat on a huge chunk of land and you only get 1 parcel media stream. I'd rather portion off a chunk so that the recruiting office can have its own. I'll do it next time i'm in (not today, i'm on't lash).
I tried meddling with this and the building vanished :) The big TV was me making up to Legs for ruining her hard work!
it'll be sorted along with the other mamoth task of repairing the land over half the island that i'm going to tackle later. I'm also going to try and re-claim some land from the sea at the north end - kind of like Boney will part the waters of RnR Island in a Jesus style, ably assisted by the lovely Debbie Magee


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Boney has worked hard flattening the land on RnR Island, to make more of it useable.

BulletSponge has been working hard on the FUBUA village - in fact it's being totally rebuilt.

The Recruiting Office is up and running with lots of links to Army Recruiting web pages, and a working UTube streaming TV. If anyone has any decent UTube video links then please send them to me and I'll import them.

What we need now are those folk who have buildings or whatever on the Island to come along and adjust them. Since the land has been lowered we now have the bizarre sight of floating PRI shops and Jails, and even a floating street of shops! We also need some input into what folk want on the Island. Decent builders might be good as well!

Folks, this is YOUR Island. Get amongst it and let's get it looking good!
Unfortunately the jail and most of the PRI had to go - loads of stuff belonging to people who dont use the island anymore and i had no choice but to return the stuff to its owners. To be honest i was sick of seeing it hanging around in mid air.

I've put a new off road go kart game on the island, give it a bash and see what you think. If you think its bonk i'll get rid of it, its not taking much land space, its on a platform over the sea.

Other than that, the rebuild is going on apace, however those of us that use the island are all far busier than we were when the island was new but we'll get there in the end.

I do need a few things - firstly, ideas. If the island hasnt got something you want let me know. Secondly, and i've asked before but i will keep asking, if you have any pictures of unit murals from Northern Ireland or from blast walls in the stan or Telic can you please put a copy on here so that i can put them on the blast walls in Hellanby Lines.


It's looking good, nice to have the carts back as well.
I reckon Legs needs to work on welcoming visitors etiquette though. Napalming everyone that drops in or strafing them from a helo is scaring them off :lol:
polar69 said:
boney, I enjoyed the upside down flying go karts, are they supposed to do that ?
I believe they are, they're certainly a feature rich toy!
polar69 said:
I have some music that I knocked up, is it possible to get it playing in the "Wharf" ?
Sorting the land parcels out is on the slop chit but i havent got around to it yet. I had to re-join all the land parcels to sort the problems out. I'll let you know when its done. I have sorted the recruiting office parcel so legs can play the video's on the telly.

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