Island Covenant aka Rules

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by boney_m, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. Do we need a few?

    I'd like to start off with - if someone isnt playing your game of war and is trying to do some building or chatting to another user, dont sit on the top of hills and continually blow them out to sea.

    Whilst SL is good fun, its bloody easy to ruin it for others.

  2. Speaking from experience there boney!

    I aggree though, maybe those ivolved in waging war on each other should wear DPM :numberone:
  3. Good point boney, especially when you cant get them back :D
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Boney - I think I am (indirectly) responsible for your annoyance.

    Mrs Fugly wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and logged into SL as me. She took a few people out with the Melon Launcher, and one of them was blatently you, and you were otherwise involved in other stuff.

    So, Sorry!!!!

    I agree, ROE need to be established.

    Can we get a SL card Alpha produced?

    - No engagement of members involved in chat/building activities

    - No engagement of members not sporting an equipped weapon


    Chubbs are outside of the ROE, and can be engaged at will.
  5. I think it definately boils down to not engaging anyone without a gat of some description. (apart from trolls and the odd sneak attack where you know the receiver will apreciate it).
  6. There seems to be some confusion over the 'regulations' for the Island.

    The covenant for the Island can be found if you right click on the land, select about land and click the covenant tab.

  7. I'm confused - are these rules or just guidelines? (specifically referring to para 2!)
  8. Oh look Bob, dont make me come and kick your arse, again.

    They are Regulations - Para 2 is a regulation - regarding things outside those specific regulations, NAAFI rules and etiquette which you will find on the forum are a good guideline..
  9. Thank you ma'am.

    So let's get this right. The Regulations are there because a. we're all naughty boys who need regulating? b. SHEF (if we're not regulated we could self-harm)? c. it's a PR thing to make us look respectable because anything else doesn't look good in the papers and upsets civilians at their breakfast?

    I'm bending over in anticipation.
  10. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I admit they're over the top. I had it in my mind that as soon as we rented land the island would be overshowed by a 100m tall round pink building with a helmet-like bit on the end or some of the other porn junk you see around SL. That should be the choice of you lot of course so when I finally get 5 minutes to look at the island again I'll get rid of it - the covenant, not the cock.
  11. Shooting someone in the face for wearing pink speedos should be acceptable.

    As should any attack on Ed Foden, at any time, for any reason, just shoot the little turd on sight.
  12. Make that man a General ! Well said Sponge.
  13. if only i had known he was a nuisance I have many weapons as yet untested
    mwaaaaah mwaaaahaa *cough*
  14. Well its not acceptable and its not big and its not funny. Will we be having dress regulations as well now? Why don't we all get into DPMs while we're at it? Pink speedos are easily recognisable in a fight and avoid those nasty friendly fire incidents. Have you ever seen Ed Foden in pink speedos? No, thought not. I rest my case.

    Agree with the rest of your statement though.
  15. The lime green ones were a bit better than the pink ones......not a lot in it though....