Islamophobia on TV, Muslims can't be criminals

Apparently it is islamophobic and prejudiced to have Muslim criminals.
Muslim groups complain of Islamophobia on TV

I might complain about the next white "Christian" yob I see breaking and entering in "the Bill".
Why is it unacceptable that TV programs depict criminals of ethnic background? And, would it honestly have been believable if there had been a family of Jews discussing terrorism? Or a zen buddhist? We can't rewrite history and it plays a large part in these storylines.

PC beggary.

On a lighter note, if Muslims manage to limit the number of bikinis on TV, as mentionned at the base of the article, then I will have something to be Islamophobic about.
Bikinis offensive? when they live in our country they should accept our practices. Imposing THEIR opinions and backward standards is taking the urine but will anyone slap them down and tell them to wind their neck in?

For the lunatic fringe of Islam, if they dont like it they can go somewhere else... but they may not get the econmonic benefits establishing Islamic standards here seems to be their line.

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What's really amusing and deeply, deeply ironic about this is that the portrayal of minorites on TV in all roles has been done by the PC brigade specifically to appease these groups - and now they complain about it! Laugh, I nearly swamped my office! :lol: :lol: :lol:
OK, must remember to read the articles in question before posting... My 1st comment still stands though...

WRT to the islamic terrorist sleeper cell, wtf do they expect? A Bader-Meinhof or IRA sleeper cell in the US??? Look here, guys, Islamic terrorists are muslims, even if you try to disown them..... :roll:
Unbelievable!!!!! Well, sadly, it's not actually unbelievable as it seems this country has to bend over backwards to make sure our Muslims are happy.

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