Islamist's showing their true colours against Coptic's of Egypt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jcarver007, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. From the report in the times, the Muslim Brotherhead has upped the anti against the copt's. although this has been escallating for a while. Similar to attacks against Christians in Syria. It seems that Christians allinging themselves with Assad in Syria and the military in Egypt has not gone down well with the Islamists. But Morsi's lot seem to be ignorant to wishes of the majority and hell bent on violence to get their way and die trying. surely evidence that the Egypts crack down on them is just?

    Christians cancel prayers in Egypt amid fears of attack

    Christians cancel prayers in Egypt amid fears of attack | The Times

    The patriarch of Egypt’s beleaguered Coptic Church has cancelled weekly audiences with worshippers for fear they would be targeted by Islamist militants loyal to Mohammed Morsi, the ousted President .
  2. Breaking news! Christians and muslims have at it in the Middle East!
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  3. Be good if it was breaking news on the bullshit broadcasting their credit, the only news organisation carrying regular reports of attacks on Christians is Al Jazeera.
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  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you make it sound like they're running some sort of agenda.
  5. Well they have pumped out enough crap about the religion of peace so they have probably painted themselves into a PC corner on that one.
  6. Islam..... Christianity..... It's all shite.

    Let them all kill each other than the world will be a better place with just non believers.
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  7. Normal procedure- The MB got a bit of a knock back when their man Morsi proved to be pious but incompetent, and got run out at bayonet point. They now need to polish up their Islamic credentials again, but without going up against the Army, so the Copts are a handy soft target to beat up in the name of Allah, but with fewer tanks.
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  8. I think it's just more evidence that there is no place in civilised world for an Islamist government - when their supporters cannot accept the will of the majority.
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  9. Any news from the siege of Jerusalem my Leige?
  10. We need a few more trebuchets.
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  11. Egyptian Shia have been lynched recently as well. Wave of sectarian tension is being magnified by the civil war in Syria.

    That also looks like The Brothers moving further rightward to counter the Salafists who have been prominent in hammering the Copts. The Saudi backed Salafists were a major force in the last election which produced an Islamist landslide and a MB government that felt empowered by it. Dangerous thing democracy, the voters sometimes get what it says on the side of the can. Imagine the state the UK would be in if UKIP swept to power and actually started to implement their nutty policies.

    It's also a general story of minorities being vulnerable in periods of regime change. They often side with the old regime for security. As they did in the Ottoman empire or Saddam's Iraq, sometimes rising into the executive. You might look at Gen Aoun alliance with HA in Lebanon as well. Matter of survival, not that it always works. In Egypt the Copts don't get much protection from the military, indeed soldiers often join in when they are targeted by mobs.
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  12. Tricky one that. The Islamic world is still far more pious than us. The 'will of the majority' is for an Islamic world. Full stop. Governments, even of the very shaky democratic type, still have to carry their people with them.

    The MB are in a rage because after decades of being marginalised, they got a sniff of power, and even though they have great grass roots support, still managed to blow it.

    Their selling point was piety, but when they got given the chance to run the place, they blew it because they can't accept that you can be pious AND incompetent. They equate piety WITH ability, because Allah wouldn't let them bugger it up if it wasn't His will, would He?

    Sadly for them, the public rather hoped that replacing a corrupt military dictatorship with pious zealots might improve their lot. When they realised just what a bunch of numpties the MB were, they were clamouring for the bent (but professionally bent) military to step back in.
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  13. I think public expectations were extremely high, a lot of folk their do believe "Islam is the answer" in the same way some folk here harbor a touching faith in unregulated markets. They looked at booming Turkey and thought that's us in a year. But Egypt was in deep shit economically and the MB, a very experienced opposition party, had little competence to govern. Great deal of buyers remorse and completely alienated some sections of the population by moving towards a one party Islamist state. We may well find the folks who were clamoring for a coup are just as unhappy with the Junta one year hence.
  14. Yes. Egypt is basically on its uppers. It's got a massive population boom, vast debts, and teeters on the edge of food riots (let alone the up-country nations threatening to start damming the Nile). Much as they may hate it, they are effectively doomed to be a client state to someone. At the moment, they are taking cash loans from the Saudis and Qatar, and weaponry from the USA. If they manage to hack off one or other of those finance streams, they are looking at a cycle of food riots and perpetual cycles of revolt.

    In which case, people usually turn to religion even more-"If we pray hard enough, God will have mercy".
    He can work miracles all right, but, let's face it, He is not really the most reliable or accountable person to run a country.
  15. In my lifetime, we will see nukes fly in the Middle East.